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  1. I would like to take my 5 year old to a stable to try horseriding does anyone know where they provide lessons ? and approx price etc..... thanks :-)
  2. Property Offered Area:Totley/Dore Type of Property: (House/Flat etc) 2 bed apartment Number of Bedrooms:2 Landlord: (Council / HA) NCHA Any other information: Nice area, local bus route, parks Property Wanted Area: Any nice area considered Type of Property: (House/Flat etc) house/ large apartment:hihi: Number of Bedrooms: 2 Landlord: (Council / HA) Any other information:
  3. Does anyone know where and how much it costs to unlock a 02 blackberry to put an orange sim card in? Thank you
  4. Does any body know the formula to calculate weight watchers point alowance please? I want to follow it myself witout joining the groups !
  5. does anyone know the name of an auto locksmith that can replace your car keys when lost??? Needed asap! And how much will it cost approx?
  6. offered: 2 bed large apartment northern counties housing association area: TOTLEY/DORE wanted: 2 bed house, any nice area considered please pm me if interested
  7. I need my electric cooker disconnected and took away anyone know of a cheap way of doing this ? thanks
  8. a cappichino sausage/egg/bac sandwich fish an spag hoops
  9. Would any one have any suggestions to get rid of an electric cooker please? I dont have a car
  10. Offered- 2 bedroomed house in heeley with small garden wanted- 2 bedroomed property would consider flats genuine reason to move pm me if interested
  11. im looking for someone to go to the matches this season with.. male or female no preference. Any one interested?
  12. does anyone know of any one who collects general house junk ie. matress / old cooker etc?
  13. Please don't start new threads - all exchanges should be posted on the megathread, here: http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=544837&page=24
  14. I HAVE A TWO BEDROOMED TERRACED HOUSE AT HEELEY WITH SMALL GARDEN. Looking to exchange to a 2 bedroomed property, any area considered. Call or message 07910002386
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