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  1. I need to get to shiregreen on sunday is woolley wood bottom closed or still open i usually come off viaduct and go that way to shiregreen, cant open the links on my phone thanks
  2. Hi, yes I found the same. EE have blamed it on the last update for my phone, but i spoke to samsung last night and they have said its a network problem which to be honest it has to be. I just hope it doesnt happen again
  3. lol i know i should really its not about the money, i just want to know how its possible to send a mms from my phone but it appear from another number. Ive googled and cant find anyone with the same issue as me so wonder if im just been spun a line from ee
  4. the person receiving the message is on contract, they received the message in their inbox but showing a different number. I have sent 100s of picture messages to them before and never had an issue. I have since spoke to ee and they are blaming it on the last software update, currently googling but can not see an issue the same. The number it showed is in wigan
  5. I've been with orange for about ten years and have sent so many mms messages but this is the first one that i have sent that has gone funny, ive sent many mms messages to this person so can not work out how it has happened. I just hope orange can come up with an answer, as theres not much on google about this type of thing in the uk
  6. i did last night also rang it but its switched off, just done understand how a text from my phone can show as a different number. im waiting for ee to call me back as they are supposed to be looking into it but im not holding my breath ---------- Post added 27-05-2014 at 11:43 ---------- ive been with them a long time and its first time it has happened, to be honest i got the impression this morning that they werent that bothered. i just want an explanation of how it can happen as its causing problems
  7. Hi, yes it went to the person i sent it too but on their phone it showed as received from another number not my number. I've called EE this morning and they are looking into it.
  8. Hi I sent a friend an mms today and they received it but it showed from another number not mine. Ive checked the message centre number and its different to that. Anyone any ideas Thanks
  9. He said he was 33 no point anyway my mate still thinks it was a wind up
  10. Its pointless as the other people that said they were this person were just trolling. Dont think we will ever find this person
  11. You have to phone them. They wanted £25 when i asked in december and got told it would take up to 6 weeks to unlock that was with a samsung phone.
  12. It sounds like a nasty accident only know as my friend was on the tram
  13. Im not seen as the two that claim to be this person havent messaged me so it proves they are trolling
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