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  1. It was not Tyson.... I did not do a dna check so I cannot possibly be 100%!!!! Stop being you. ---------- Post added 01-01-2017 at 12:09 ---------- It had its knob in its hand. I do not need to explain anything to you.
  2. Hi there, I've met him too, and I'm 90% sure it wasn't him, the fur was bushy and too ginger and there was no collar and not enough carnage for it to be him, this was most probably a small fox and its mate was on the verge trying to get to it. I'm part of the **help find tyson** Facebook page and we were contacted about this on the day it happened so I went up to check it out. If anyone wants to join and help keep a lookout please do xxxxxxx
  3. Hiya! I went up to check and I'm 90% certain it wasn't Tyson, it was too small and not enough carnage. Also the fur was bushy like a fox's and I didn't find a collar. His mate was in the middle grassy bit as well trying to get to him bless them xxxxx
  4. Tyson is young rescue dog from Crete who went missing for only a couple hours of being here, he is a yellow/light tan labrador cross who has been missing for 3 weeks now, he is very thin and hungry. He has been seen in Coal Aston, Apperknowle, Jordanthorpe, Dore and Totley, Dronfield, Chesterfield, Gleadless, Newfield Green and Intake. He has a thin green and orange collar. He has now travelled into S8/S2 area. Gleadless Medical Centre, then Lichford Rd and Derby Rd, and now possibly into Heeley or even Norton Lees and Meersbrook. He is also injured and limping (maybe hit by a car) and we need him safe ASAP. Please keep your eyes open and report sightings to: Chrissie 07873273900 Marie Fletcher 07528790693 Keeley Marples 07730483264 Jessica Drake 07808118039 or join **help find tyson** on Facebook. Please share. We need this boy home safe. DO NOT APPROACH HIM, CALL HIM OR MAKE EYE CONTACT, he is a friendly dog but is too terrified and this will make him bolt. Please just get in touch ASAP and we will get a team out. xxxxxx His other locations are Coal Aston, Apperknowle, Jordanthorpe, Dore and Totley, Dronfield, Chesterfield, Gleadless and Intake. http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=107933#.WFFanuCnzqC
  5. The other half keeps saying he doesn't like the thought of Rotherham however I don't have a problem with it! I haven't actually checked out Aston or Swallownest as they sounded rather out of our budget but I'll have a look, this is our kind of area I think, close to places like rother valley. I've never heard bad of those places. I wouldn't mind a terraced but the only trouble is size of gardens and the fact most are open or neighbours have access, we have a small yappy dog and a dog the size of a horse so would need a big garden for them and no 'intruders' haha. I'll have a nosey at those places now, thank you!! Xxxxx
  6. Thank you for the reply! I've never thought about Darnall as the reputation is quite rough from what I've heard but I'm open to look anywhere, that would have been fantastic and thank you for the offer but unfortunately we are still paying off debts at the moment so won't be in a position to move for about a year I'd imagine after saving for a deposit etc. Your house does sound fantastic and just what we would be looking for though! House buying is so expensive lol xxxxx ---------- Post added 08-11-2016 at 14:31 ---------- Is your house on Rightmove? So I can have a little peek at it and dream! Xxxxx
  7. Hi there, thank you for the reply! We haven't actually thought about looking there, my best friend grew up there and says it's quite a rough area, she comes from a past of drug and alcohol abuse from a young age and moved to Sheffield with her family after one of her best friends were stabbed and died in her arms on their estate whilst at a party. Due to drugs I think. So that always sort of put me off that area completely lol. But that is the only opinion I've had about worksop, I imagine there must be nice areas in there as well, like anywhere really, I just have no idea where lol. I'll have a nosey at Gateford and see what houses are on offer, thanks! Xxxxxx
  8. Hi guys, I've done a search but can't really find a topic similar to mine. I wonder if people could recommend places and areas to live in and around Sheffield. We are looking for somewhere for me, my partner, our 6 month old son and our 2 dogs, we aren't too flush with money but want to bring kids and dogs up in a nice area. We were wanting our budget at 120k and under. We have grown up in Norton Lee's and Woodseats and have lived in Meersbrook renting but feel we won't get much for our money in those areas. Wanting a 2/3 bed house, ideally a semi detached with a decent sized garden for the dogs. We were looking at Eckington and Chesterfield but have no idea which bits are rough and if there's anywhere else nice. Thanks guys Xxxxx
  9. Hi there! I'm considering having a breast augmentation after losing some weight but I'm lost on the surgeons! I'm thinking of going through Transform and was wanting some advice on people who have had it done, and surgeon recommendations as there are so many to choose from! I had my initial consultation there on Saturday with the care coordinator and got offered a consult with a surgeon but wanted to research on them first. Please help! Thankyou xxxxxxx
  10. its not a posh Chevrolet .. its a Hyundai Accent 2 Dr Chevrolet Aveo... just one for hire... wanted to know how much a full tank of petrol would be cause they had two offers on. I couldnt find the rough price of a full tank xxxxx
  11. But why was it removed?! they didnt even give me a reason! and id spent time typing it! Admin if you read this I would like an explanation and please find my paragraph so I can copy and paste it into the right section. ---------- Post added 09-06-2013 at 10:43 ---------- thankyou very much for your help though! xxxx
  12. Nope not that one, you did well to find that old one though!! it was about fuel consumption of a Chevrolet xx
  13. I kindly asked some advice on how much to fill a tank of a certain car and ut has disappeared. could Admin please let me know where it has been moved to. it would have been nice to have been told.
  14. Hi guys! thanks for reading! Me and my best mate are off to Vegas in september and just foubd a great deal online for holiday car hire. now the cheaIest car Is a Hyundai Accent 2 Dr Chevrolet Aveo... it is 340 quid for the car or 459 for the car and any additional drivers plus a full tank of fuel.. now we wouldn't need the additional drivers because im the only one who can drive so I wondered how much it is to fill up the tank in one of these and would it be cheaper to pay for just the car or go for the 459 deal? im not sure how much money in fuel modern cars take in a full tank! any help would be greatly appreciated!! Jess xxxxx
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