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  1. i think why you have not had many replys is because know body knows what your on about that makes no sense at all. have you been drinking/ smoking ?
  2. sounds like what happened to me left my car there for brake pads and discs came back payed. drove off and knocking coming from the rear wheels phoned them up bloke in charge said was like that when it came in [no it wasn't] 3 hours later i get a visit from old bill about my bad driving and my car hitting the kerb with the rear wheel going round a corner and speeding off this all happened while my car was in there possession (tea boy had taken my car to get breakfast from the cafe for eveyone) cant tell you the rest but i would get it checked for damage and get legal advice
  3. its taken you longer to sign in and post this .than it would have been quicker to type JOB - CENTER - HILLSBOROUGH into google .... how long you been looking for a job
  4. i know people that have nothing wrong with them they play sports , go drinking all weekend , can do eveything like normal day to day stuff . But when it comes to interview time with the jsa they get a sick note so they keep there benefits and dont have to work . People who are unable to work thats fine give them the benefits they need . But there is some proper con artists that work the system that need to be made to work for there money not sit on the arse watching jezza all day
  5. if anybody wants a sick note to carry on claim benefits go to woodhouse doctors they seam to give anybody with a runny nose one so they can stay off work its past a joke with that place
  6. no cast iron fire places have sold on ebay for £300 in the last 2 months within a 50 mile radius . you telling fibs again
  7. eveyone i know called dave seam to be as thick as **** also the names wayne and dwayne seam to be the same not very bright
  8. where abouts in s13 did this happen ill be keeping my eyes open and electrice fence plugged in tonight then
  9. yes i drive through s5 Evey day to and from work and see eveybody sat on there front door steps drinking and i allways think i wish i could sit on my front door step from 7am till 6pm drinking and have the taxpayer foot the bill
  10. dont get me wrong theres about 20% of people that live on there that make it a not so nice place to live for the rest of us selling drugs on the dead end while kids 3,4,5 years old playing near by and its them kids that i feel sorry for as its there mums and dads that are buying / selling the stuff theres a few young familys where the mums and dads cant even look after them selfs never minds a few kids and social service seam to be on the dead end more and more
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