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  1. Hi, I've got a 42" LED Hitachi tv. I needed some screws to attach the base/stand to the tv and I bought some M4 flat screws from wilkinsons as I was missing the original flat screws, however I think I might have screwed into the telly because they are a bit longer than the proper screws, and I think I may have caused some damage as the picture on the telly has changed slightly and it's turned itself once or twice. Could someone tell me what I might have done or how to fix it. Or how much it would cost to fix. Many thanks. Tony
  2. Dos anybody know the opening times of nevios barbers on heeley green shops? Rang up friday using a number on the internet abd it was a woman telling me id got the wrong number Or dos anybody know any other barbers around that area and how much? Thanks.
  3. I wouldnt be eligible for that as im 26. Was just wondering if the nus card qualifies for the student discount on buses or whether you need the student card.
  4. Hi. Just a quick question to anybody who might know as ive had a look on the internet but couldnt find what im looking for. Dos having an NUS extra card allow you to get the discounts for student fares on buses/trams? Or do you need a student card? Reason I ask is because I am a student at the cdc centre on manor lane which is part of redtape central. However we dont get student cards like sheffield college. Only the nus card which we have to purchase ourselves. Can anybody help here? Thanks
  5. Hi yer they do need to be made of wood cant find any anywhere!
  6. Hi, anybody know where i can buy wooden boxes say around the same size as a jewellry box? Ones like a chest with a closing lid. Looked in a few places around town such as tkmaxx, tjhughes etc struggling to find any. Any help or ideas are appreciated. Many thanks.
  7. Dos anybody know of any clothes swapping events or clothes swapping shops in sheffield? Thanks.
  8. Anybody know we're you can get good quality plain slim fitting or muscle fitting tshirts from in sheffield? Primark, h&m, topman, next all seem to be fairly poor quality and are too thin or lose shape after a couple of washes. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks
  9. Could anyone tell me were there is anywere to sell gold in sheffield, preferably the city centre. I think there's a Ramsden on the Moor but I'm not sure. I'd like to go to 2 or 3 to try and see what the prices are. Thanks.
  10. Hi I'm about to start a 2 year course in painting and decorating to get a level 2 diploma at the end of it. I intend afterwards to also learn plastering and tiling after as they in my opinion tie in fairly well with each other. My question is what is the work for painting and decorating like and would I be able to join a company (ie council, commercial painters) fairly easily after I have completed my course? It's something I want to do but I don't want to waste 2 years if there isn't much work for it both domestically or commercially. I've researched abit, but would like opinions as well. Thanks.
  11. Hi has anyone lost a memory card on fargate. Its full of pictures of a young child aged from really young to about 4.
  12. Hi there, I need to print something out as I need it for tomorrow. My printer is knackered and I dont have a library card. Were would I be able to go and access a document and print it without needing a library card or anything like that. Many thanks.
  13. Hi dos anybody know what the sort of bus goes to bakwell from sheffield on the 218 route. The reason I ask is because I caught a bus to tideswell before and it was a really small bus and it was rammed. Thanks.
  14. The co op on white lane is just a rip off anyway, way overpriced. So is the small sainsburys up the road. There really needs to be a cheaper alternative around white lane.
  15. To anyone who has been to magna, is it suitable for a day out to take a child who has just turned two years old? She also cant talk so would it be any good/fun for her? Im taking a five year old as well. Thanks.
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