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  1. another vote for calow. lovely room with a birthing pool. great experience. they have just finished the womens health and trinity ward adding onti theur new birth centre so they can provide even better care care from birth onwards. it opens today x
  2. Dont use bottled water- the sodim content is extremely high. For under 1's it 1gram salt/0.4gram sodium equivalent. Bottled water has about 36grams sodium. Take tap water with you to boil if there is no on site facilaties for you to get water xx
  3. Cant believe how quickky time passes! I shall be heading back to work after enjoying every minute of maternity leave. Only problem is i need a childminder for one day. I know there is a childminder thread but had no responce. Anybody know of a childminder in s17 area?xx
  4. Hi! Can anyone recommend a childminder in the s17 area? Thanks xx
  5. Is the coil painful when being fitted?x
  6. No not bitching- but will gladly inform anyone why i have my opinion that it is bad after working there tjen going to other early years setting to work over the years and seeing how they are supposes to be run x
  7. keep a shoe boxand but bits and bobs in - bits of material - feathers, cotton reel, little mirror, pegs etc...... babies love taking things out and putting things back in boxes x
  8. is he quite happy to be put in his cot in the day? i started putting alfie in for a play- have toys on side of his cot that he has always happily played with. then around 4 months i used to put him in his for an hour. would let him play then when he grisled i would put dummy in. if that didnt work then would cddle him and try putting him back down but always stuck to him being in the cot for aroundan hour. at first he only slept 1 mins or so and played or cuddled him rest of time. then it got longer and longer and now he can sleep for an hour in the morning and longer in the afternoon. he sleeps 7pm - 5am feeds then goes back for a couple of hours x
  9. Been to asda- different sized small pots with lids- 3 for 67p!x
  10. Thankd. Im confident on when and how to wean it was more thoughts on what equipment is useful. No idea when alfie will be ready, still thrieving on bteastmilk at 4 monthtures. Would do a mixture of whole pieces and purees at 6 monthd but if he was readybefore the xn i will give purees x
  11. Hello!!! Just wondering what stuff parents found useful and what equipment didnt do the job. Looking at freezer pots and some say they are a nightmare wth the lids not staying on ornot coming out the pot. Are the 1st stage pots worth getting (1oz) or is it better to get the bigger ones and put small amount in. Thoughts would be appreciated xx
  12. Anyone know of any baby signing or sing and sign classes in sheffield?xx
  13. Alfie isnt ready yet but will put him in it when we eat to get him used to it x
  14. Alfie isnt ready for weaning yet but i want him to sit with us when we eat to get used to it.will put his toys on the tray whilst we eat xx
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