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  1. Does anyone know of a pool/snooker club that would allow an 8yr to play or are they all adult only??
  2. What a match sending off's , missed penalty.........Whats your view of the Sheffield derby?
  3. Ahh yes Sheffield Utd arent they a new addition to the championship?? Time for a song.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAf_65H-JWs
  4. Why dont people display door numbers very well or not at all.....as a delivery driver i find this a pain in th a##e! The worst offenders seem to be private houses/posh parts of town...wots up are your mortgages that much that you cant afford some 99p plastic numbers or did you spend all your money on double glazing?
  5. you need to gather as much evidence as possible photos/camcorder/written diary and use all this when complaining so you have a stronger case...also as someone else has suggested get the enviromental health involved
  6. 1. a) Car only 2. c) 1 or 2 times a week 3. c) 10am – 12pm 4. a) 12pm – 3pm 5. b) No 7. b) No 8. 29yo
  7. I always miss my blue bin collection date.....why cant they just pick them up at either the first or the last day of the month i'd remember much easier
  8. Dont Challenger tyres on Rutland Rd do LPG conversions/repairs?
  9. A lot of the 80's bands are quiet good i even think some of the Arctic's stuff is OK to say its 'studenty'!
  10. Cant say I've noticed this problem but then again i dont sit in my car looking at bus queues!!
  11. Probably for Labour as usual or mite go for the BNP this time you know just for a change
  12. Theres got to be at least one in Sheffield....get one imported if not!!
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