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  1. hes a idiot and u all know it my son went to him at grimsby friendly for his autograth i gave him a right shouting at lol
  2. fatty my cars a priority but why should i be held up. if u got 5 to 15 mins to be held up by supertram everyday u got a good life . come to work with me one day and youll all know wot im saying
  3. worst thing that ever happened in sheffield closed loads of buissnesses down during there disruption building the tracks
  4. no mr cause if u were sat at some traffic lights and you were waiting to cross from gleadless road towards halfway and tram came up ridgeway road heading towards herdings or halfway , you would sit there watching all lights go against you while tram gone, and there like buses between 5 and 7 they come 3 in a row
  5. fling yes they are everyday traffic i aggree but not priority traffic which is what im talking about . i work on roads for a living and somtimes if i dont time it right im rushing about all the time because of being held up by the tram priority
  6. has anyone of you ever driven on gleadless road between 5pm and 7pm herdings and halfway trams crossing lights all the time .putting lights out of sequence . good half mile wait for townend traffic lights . gleadless lights lead to halfway ,waterthorpe,beighton etc mosbro township so if tram good for getting to city how come all the mosbro dwellers hold town end lights up
  7. s10 im not after an argument just saying i think its unfair how super tram gets priority over everyday traffic
  8. to use public transport use the bus then people only use tram over bus cause busses have to que in traffic were has tram dont
  9. i know and i aggree but after 9am most people who use tram are going in town shopping ,roads after 9am full of people trying to work for a living but getting held up all the time by supertram
  10. does anyone know why supertram gets priority over everyday traffic on sheffield roads ,
  11. tram worst thing that happened in sheffield holds traffic up and puts traffic lights out of sequence . y should tram get priority over car drivers and people working the roads for a living
  12. paul utd certs for promition m8 tranmere wont be there much longer and we all know how donny are dont we
  13. cause apparrently he,s on gardening leave
  14. has anyone heard or seen megson on sky since he was sacked
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