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  1. *January Bus Service Changes* (S6 Area) Services 11 and 12 will shortly be withdrawn, with the last day of operation being Saturday 25 January 2014. Services 11 and 12 will be replaced by changes to the route and times of services 81 and 82 (Stannington/Hall Park Head - Sheffield - Ecclesall). - Services 13 and 13A will be renumbered 85 and 85A from Sunday 26 January 2014. There will also be changes to the times. - Service 14 Sheffield - Hillsborough - Loxley. Service replaced by changes to service 84 which will operate between Bents Green - Sheffield - Loxley. - NEW TIMETABLES: 81 and 82 (Stannington - Sheffield - Dore) http://travelsouthyorkshire.com/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=17179871420 84, 85 and 85A ( High Green (85, 85A) - Loxley (84) - Sheffield - Bents Green (84, 85) - Millhouses (85) ) http://travelsouthyorkshire.com/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=17179871421 More January service changes and new routes here: http://travelsouthyorkshire.com/servicechanges/ *To open the timetables you will have to have a PDF reader.
  2. Hi, I'm currently researching on the history of the Shortbrook Estate in Westfield. I'd like to know if anyone knows what was there before the flats on the estate, and the houses across on Shortbrook Drive were built. Whether it just be fields, or what. I'm looking this up for a friend and just want any info before I contact the council archive center. Many thanks in advance, Nathan :-)
  3. Saw a good few crates of cans of pop in the window today- so if there stocking up it shouldent be too long before there open, the full name is S6 Kebabish
  4. Anybody know if ALS media is open on Sunday's? Thanks
  5. Hi thanks for the great fast reply! really helped! Nathan.
  6. I need to find out how old my house is for us to take out insurance. Dunella road is where our house is. I understand it may not be the best of ideas to post personal info as such on on here but we need to know and the Sutton office is closed and the insurance company are ringing us back shortly! thanks!
  7. Hi, somethings come up at the last minute, and I need to buy a CF Compact Flash Memory card for my camera preferabally today, anyone know of anywhere thats open on a sunday to go and get one, tried Wilko, and tried Max Spielmans! thanks!
  8. Ah right, more than likely happend when people were coming out of the pubs then. Thanks
  9. As I went past Hillsborough shopping centre today on the bus I noticed the middlewood road entrance doors were borded up. I assume they've had a brake in but could be wrong? If so does anyone know if any shops has been affected. Sorry if this has been posted already, I have checked the past 3 pages and didn't see anything. Bingley1234
  10. Too right! I was rather enjoying it out doors to be honest! No chance of a Chinese take away though I dont think.
  11. I went down and got pictures, here they are, starting from walking down from wisewood, bottom of dunella road to middlewood road outside kfc in the middle of the road it was just under knee deep.
  12. Hi Guys! I Know it's an old post to bring up! , But , this may sound strange, but Has anyone had any "Misterious happenings" in any of the Houses on South Road! , Just my cousin has experienced Pictures being turned around, very minor stuff that could possibley be explained as other things! , and not just paranormal! i know the houses are very old! anyway just wondered!
  13. Somethings got to have happend somewhere for it to be like that for the past 2-3wks , i cant hear it now it must have gone , hope someone on here might have a slight clue ,
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