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  1. Well taking into consideration a kettle will most likely pull a few thousand kilowatts, the driver might be right.
  2. Don't worry it will not be happening this year. It's been cancelled, apparently it offends Muslims. The cross will be left up this Easter only (will not be lit), then the cross will be removed and never erected again
  3. D West Motors 38 Thoresby Rd Sheffield South Yorkshire S6 2PH Tel: 0114 2349053
  4. I'm on JSA now that i lost my job due to cuts. TBH i can not be bothered to look for work at the moment because 1. I am just as well off now, as i was when i was working. 2. The Ladies and Gents in the job centre can not be bothered to do their job, and help me find the work i am after. 3. What benefits of working, i mean your employer pays you with one hand and the goverment takes with another. There is no insentive to work. Also there are no jobs on the market, because the goverment are slowly killing us and sinking the country. All the big fat greedy bankers and MP's will be living on a cruise liner, while they rebuild libia for them selfs (after they have finished wiping the civilians out).
  5. D West Motors 38 Thoresby Rd Sheffield South Yorkshire S6 2PH Tel: 0114 2349053
  6. If you do it like you fit your wheels, then it will be working loose after a few days (to the point of coming off).
  7. Have you listened to the rhymes hes spitting (i think thats the correct term ). Its rubbish dribble, he's nothing constructive to spit about.
  8. There was no talent in pre written dribble.
  9. Yup I think he should stay Silent. And mine
  10. Big up the crew them :hihi::hihi: Ha ha, the lad who closes his eyes ha ha ha ha ha ha
  11. Meeting at 3:30 at Pollards, you fancy it too ?
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