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  1. I had the allergy tests done and my dog had the specially tailored course of anti allergy shots for 12 months. I think the end cost was about £1000 . It made absolutely no difference at all. I've changed food, carpets , bedding etc as advised over the last few years, but still have to give her steroids. Nothing got rid of her itchy skin completely. There are the new Apoquel tablets now available that do not have the same side effects steroids do. Perhaps ask to try those ?
  2. Hi there, sorry, we don't use the barn for storage anymore. We have outside space with hard standing.
  3. We have a stable and grazing available for one horse or pony on small private yard. Near Parklands Arena. £20 per week.
  4. Corrina at Croft Farm Kennels Aston, 07773631802
  5. I do home boarding. See my Facebook page Facebook.com/croftfarmhomeboarding. I'm at Aston . We have a 10 acre site, all fully fenced and dog proof . I'm fully licensed, insured and CRB checked. Sue
  6. I do home boarding . you can see details on my facebook page Croft Farm, delux holiday hotel, home boarding and day care for dogs . Fully licensed , insured and CRB checked x
  7. I do day boarding. I walk the dogs twice daily and they are free to play or sleep in between times. I have gardens of over an acre for them to play in. I charge £13 per day and am open from 6.30 am to 6.30 pm , later or earlier can be arranged. I also home board when you are away. I am fully licensed, insured and CRB checked.
  8. Hi, we are within easy reach of Rother valley country park and the transpennine trail, which both allow horses. DIY livery is £20 per week. Any other services by arrangement with my daughter who runs the horse yard. As I said in the original ad there is an experienced lady rider who would pay the livery in exchange for part loan if wanted. We have no arena , but a circular 600m sand track that you can ride or jump on. ---------- Post added 19-10-2013 at 18:51 ---------- In addition to stable and grazing for £20 ,my daughter will change rugs, feed or turn out at no additional price for owners who are at work and struggling to get up in a morning.
  9. Stable and grazing available for one horse or pony on private yard at Aston (S26) close to Parklands Arena. An experienced lady rider was part loaning the horse that has left in exchange for paying the livery and would be willing to continue doing that for the right horse if required. Full part or DIY livery is available. Please phone 07980130062 . Sue
  10. try http://www.onlineangling.co.uk . They are at Aston. Although its a fishing site they have loads of clothing. Cheap compared to lots of places too.
  11. I am fully licensed by RMBC, insured and CRB checked. I have over 10 acres of land that is securely fenced .My guests can either play outside or lie in the house, which ever suits. Dogs are with me in my home for their full stay as members of my family. I walk them round our local country parks and woods twice a day too, just to break the day up.I also offer day care and a dog walking service. Based in Aston S26. prospective clients are more than welcome to visit . 07980130062 https://www.facebook.com/croftfarmhomeboarding
  12. How much are they charging? I've seen the vets in there when I went last time.
  13. Do you get to choose a home boarder with 101 , or do they just give you the one that's in your area ? I guess they are just an agency
  14. The resident vet at Owlerton Greyhound stadium does vaccinations on the day time race days, I think they are quite reasonable. The track will be able to give you the phone number
  15. my license number is 027878 RMBC and I'm insured with pet plan sanctuary, I'm also CRB ( well it's called basic disclosure now ) checked too, no. 110100120112091. Good idea to make sure everyone is legitimate
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