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  1. I've just reported an Openreach driver, in a large van, who was also tailgating me and probably because he was concentrating on his phone for ages. They thanked me.
  2. Johnny Cuthbert born in Sheffield on 9th July 1904. Died in Boston on 29th August 1987. From October 1933, he was a one-time licensee of The Mill, Spilsby Road, Boston - http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/4609782
  3. Hi hillsbro - It was Annesley based 64431, withdrawn two years later. Fitting that it was from Annesley as my grandfather was a signalman there, among other locations.
  4. School holidays often saw me off on the train to my Gran and Grandfathers, at Linby near Hucknall. Sometimes I got left there to stay for a week or more. It once took hours to get there because of engineering work. I took my first ever photograph on Victoria Station in 1954 -
  5. Doncaster - 12/04/1991 Knightsbridge - 30/03/1991 Reading - 25/06/1991
  6. Lovely shot. Where was the vantage point? The moon on 6th Nov 2006. I don't think it's altered much since then. :-)
  7. Thanks, Richard Well done! Stickford - 1st Mar 2004
  8. Photobucket is cheaper. I think it costs me about £8.50-£9 to store photos at full-size. My last WD 2tb external drive cost £69.
  9. 08695 at Crewe - 05-JUN-1987 (5 secs @ f4 200ASA Minolta SRT101 - scanned from a 6x4) Boston "Stump" - 06-DEC-2007 (2.5 secs @ f3.1 Fuji FinePix S9500)
  10. Nice shots! Keal Plantation near Hagnaby - 29-Sep-2003
  11. My grandparent’s house was lit by gas until 1953. Milk was delivered by horse and cart. The radio ran on accumulator batteries - no TV, no phone. The toilet was a plank of wood with a hole in it with bucket beneath. Disposal was on a plot below the allotments. Bathing was done in a tin bath in front of the fire. The shops were a couple of miles walk, or cycle ride.
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