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  1. Trouble is Malc, I feel we should be part of that bloody museum with the service we put in and the back breaking job we had to handle those damn buses that had NO powered steering. Cheers !!!
  2. from what I can remember, the good old city council increased the council tax for that particular premises that Hibberts stated that they could no longer afford to stay ther and as far as I know the name of 'Hibberts' was closed down. I used to get my George Cunningham prints from there.
  3. Than you very much. Elvis has left the ..... buses
  4. Hey Viking, I'm not religious, BUT you must fight and not give up. Anyone can fight the battles of just one day, It is only when we add the burdens of yesterday and tomorrow that we break down. Its not the experience of today that drives people mad, It is the remorse of bitterness for something that happened yesterday, and the dread of what tomorrow might bring, MAKE TODAY THE BEST IT CAN BE ...... Live one day at a time. By the looks of things Viking, you have many friends who want to stand by you. Come on, go for it !!!!
  5. I have read all the answers, but the REAL reason has yet to be mentioned. All the talk about Sheffield airport not being big enough yet the very same aircraft that flew from Sheffield are now flying from Leeds/Bradford, Hull and I suspect in some cases from 'Robin Hood' airport. Had it not been for the land grabbing, moneymaking business people and had the airport management got off their arses and got out to bring services in, then Sheffield Airport would and COULD have been a nice little thriving airport by now. ALL the flights from Sheffield are now being flown SUCCESSFULLY from the other regional airports PLUS other services which could have served Sheffield
  6. Just another lame excuse for the 'fat' cats to put up their prices
  7. Don't know about wasps, but I have been stung on e bay recently
  8. Hiya JoJo, well, if I can understand your dialect ( NOT sheffield). There used to be a large steel works in Sheffield called Firth Browns, where they made munitions and parts for tanks, aircraft etc. The steel works in Sheffield were a 'hot' target for German bombers. The railways were also a good target, such as the Wicker goods yard where most of the stuff made in Sheffield were kept until it was sent by rail to different parts of the country. Best ov luk wiv de homeworks
  9. Sound like the gutter paper making the allegations should get back in the rat hole it appeared from. If I could I would certainly be enquiring about my chil'd exam performances as any decent parent should.
  10. Low Edges is the name of the Council eastate. Its was built on the borders of Greenhill village and a lot of the land used to belong to the Chantrey family. Otherwise not much known. Yoy MAY get better information from iether the city library or Sheffield Town Hall
  11. Hi Buttercup, I had an uncle/aunt living in Rotorua. Uncle emigrated in 1939 and never been back. He loved it there. I went in 1996 to see them and the country is fabulous. Rotorua is so clean and the people so fiendly. A lot of ex pats in Auckland. For scenery, the South Island is the place, but the more northerly you come, the warmer it gets. From Rotorua northwards, its mor or less sub tropical. I have a cousin livin in the 'Bay of Islands'. It would be great for you and your son. A good future for anyone with any skills. Best wishes.
  12. Just take note of how rough the road surfaces are - then you are in Sheffield *************************** He who expects nothing shall not be disappointed
  13. Eh up Malc. Yeah I remember Firth Park boating lake. Last time I went there as a kid, I was happily sailing my boat when some bigger kids ( bullies) came along and sank it. Not been since. Also remember the pond being iced over and have seen youngsters sliding on the ice. Like you say, 'Happy Days'
  14. If you are interested, my daughter is the lecturer on this subject at castle college and I'm sure she would look forward to you enrolling and joining her there
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