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  1. display a disc like a motorcycle use to display a tax disc a cyclist caused over 100 poundsworth damage to my car new electric wing mirror plus deep scratches to my door and front wing while i was legally parked in a pay and display bay i actually saw him do it confronted him gave me all false details later reported it to police even have it on cctv but they told me it was a cival matter so there is nothing i can do thats why i say make it compulsory for all road users
  2. if they want to use the road instead of cycle lanes scrap the cycle lanes and all cyclists to have insurance like all other road users and yes i use both a car and bike on the road bike insurance should be made compulsory end of
  3. i call mine exocet we know shes coming but cant do nowt about it
  4. i know the womacks still go to blades matches with steve n dave my school year was 74 theres a link on facebook just type in yewlands class of 74 started by dennis{tash} ashford
  5. i believe it was nick ronson did it go something like this ----walking down an empty road i saw a man in old grey clothes a stranger---walking past and looking back i managed just to realise the danger--oh his eyes they were so empty and cold and something told me i was gonner be rolled =oh i never ever realised that this place could be evil to me ==billy porter billy billy porter when you wrote you said that this place was fun--billy porter billy billy porter you never told me that i needed a gun-------------------it went something like that or words very similar it was a long time ago
  6. i once went to school in a pair of bright yellow jeans i was taken on stage before morning assembly given six of the best iin front of the whole school and told not to come in my pyjamas ever again but the thing that angered the headmaster most was when i laughed out loud after the cane most of the other pupils laughed with me it was great the next day i went in the same jeans and not a word was said victory to denim
  7. what his is name it was a long time ago but i will see if i can jog this old memory of minei have to go out now but will be back online in about an hour
  8. please excuse my ignorance knew both john and josie me and john played in same darts team and seven days a week in the bassett how could i not mention him i must be getting old very sorry kerry
  9. there was tommy frank mick chris steve joan and mary chris is no longer with us god bless him r.i.p great kid frank and steve still go in keats road club i myself knocked about with mick he married a lass called audrey who he met in forces i think but not cerrtain about that frank and steve still live locally frank was better known as hamburger and steve is still twinny to all who know him i hope this information is useful i believe this was correct going to print if it was not and you try to take lawsiut out against me good luck i havent got a fuc...g penny only joking like i said i hope this is useful to someone
  10. yes i do went to school with raymond goffin his brother tony a bit older than me still see dave deakin down hillsboro now and again saw wendy deakin in fox on my 50th three years ago old **** not seen neal deakin for donkeys years i used to work with there dad fred at r w carrs gone now god bless him a great bloke there must be loads of others from that era you remember cusworths /smiths /parkins/womacks demsies could go on for ever chuck a few names in see what happens
  11. it was kebab shop owner van drove off without delivering meat pizzas tonight
  12. ask dealer to deliver to your home address declare S O R N till youve sorted it if he wont do this theres something dodgy about it all
  13. it was the dome at wednesday training ground someone forgot to turn compresser off
  14. i lived on alfred road some 53 years ago but moved when iwas about 7 i will ask my dad he will be sure to remember him he knew everyone down there
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