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  1. I have heard that a Pound Bakery has just opened in Sheffield.What does everybody think about it?. And what is the products like, is it better than Greggs???.
  2. No. I think it should stay as it is!. I have noticed that we are paying more in council tax than services!. We are turning into mini recycling stations, with blue, green, brown and the latest redish bins. And we are making money for them and they have the nerve to do that! At least they can do is keep the bins to once a week. To me they are just plain greedy!.
  3. I used to live near Raeburn Road. And have lived there for 30 years before i left. I have noticed the area is getting worse. But isn't every area getting the same!. Not enough police to patrol the area, no one sees or hears nothing till it happens to them. What do you exspect!.
  4. It is because Meadowhall has alot to do with it!. I remember a time you could not move on a saturday in Castle Market and the Sheaf Market. But now the council has run it down that much, it no longer appeals to people. I have heard it is moving to the moor, but i don't think it is a good idea, they should have invested money in the Market and make it modern, but they would rather place at the bottom of The Moor but i think that when the new Market is open the old Market will be sold off to become another multi storey car park. The Market should stay where it is!.
  5. Yeah i agree with you!. You shouldn't have to pay that is what you pay taxes for. You shouldn't have to pay taxes twice. CSA is a mess at the mo and they have the nerve to charge!.
  6. Hello, well i would suggest a shop that has a bit of everything from sweets to underwear and you can't go wrong for makeup but more to the point is we want good prices and bogof's Good luck. Hope it helps!. : ).
  7. Nope i don't lol. Yeah i do have software to protect my computer. I know there is alot out there, where you least exspect it!. But your missing the point!. If people are told what to avoid. Isn't it common sense to avoid it!.
  8. Well that is your point of view. I'm not bored, i work and use it in my sparetime. I just warning people. I don't want any computers getting damaged!.
  9. Just thought i should let everyone know, that if you are on Facebook. There is an article saying that a girl committed suicide after what her father posted on her wall!. It's a Hoaks, and it's a VIRUS!!!. Please do not open it!.
  10. It's a shame, they have gone under. They have been there since i was a kid. But they have always been expensive.
  11. Hi, sorry you have been told wrong. That all shops in Meadowhall and Argos close at 9pm and from the 5th of november it closes at 10pm. I should know i work at Meadowhall!.
  12. Thanks for the advice, but the toolshed is closer to me.
  13. Can anyone tell me what the Toolshed at Meadowhall, is like?, i need to do some DIY, and my friends recomended the toolshed, so can anyone advise me on what there prices are like and the customer service. i don't fancy B&Q. Thanks.
  14. I'm begining to think now if they don't like the look of you, then they just use the dress code!
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