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  1. Another vote for Epirus. Great food, reasonably prices and bing your own beer and wine.
  2. We got rejected this year too. I think they might have been a myth. We live one street away from the park and got tickets last year.
  3. Sounds a bit like Hebden Bridge.
  4. So no trams again for Tramlines at Hillsborough Park in July. Great planning
  5. £3.50!! Id want at least a pint and a half for that you posh git!!
  6. Was disappointed with this. Didn't end up going because we didn't want to drink cask all afternoon.
  7. What time will the beer start to run dry on the Saturday? Mostly interested in the Keg this year.
  8. It was decent before. Not the best but decent enough and as you say in a good location for a few beers beforehand. What has changed?
  9. There was a really good place there that did traditional dishes about 4/5 years ago. Lasted about a year. I was gutted at the time as we had not long moved to the are and thought we'd found our local. Luckily the Front Room (when it re opens) has filled that gap. Unless they do some amazing deals, with truly exceptional food and think of some way to promote/market the place then they have no chance. Will give them a try when it opens though.
  10. Try here too https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Sheffield/
  11. I know this doesn't help you, but I use the City app every week and Ive never had an issue. Have you tried deleting it and reinstalling. What phone are you using?
  12. Why so cynical? Even if they do know the owner, so what. Not sure the view up Langsett Road is a selling point mind.
  13. I find Aagrah in Leopold square to be the best and most consistent in Sheffield.
  14. Taj on Middlewood Road is good and it does deliveries.
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