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  1. Cant see how the area needs another supermarket. Morrison's, Iceland, Aldi, Lidl and Sainsbury's are all close by.
  2. Went to Tsuki on Saturday, the new Japanese place on West Street. We went for a fixed price of £30 per person where you can order whatever you want off the menu over 2 hours. The food and service were all really good. The menu had a good selection of sushi, hot and cold appetisers , tempura dishes, and Teppanyaki type dishes. Highly recommended if you like Japanese food and enjoy trying lots of different things. All the food seemed cooked fresh to order.
  3. I think he is partly right. A big issue is places losing too much money being open Monday - Thursday. Being busy only on Friday and Saturday isn't enough to sustain the business. Not enough people go out during the week. Liverpool and Manchester city centres are buzzing on a Wednesday and Thursday evening. Sheffield is either dead quiet, or most of the people out are students. A big reason for this issue in Sheffield is tourism. There is virtually none. Manchester, Liverpool and to an extent Leeds are all tourist cities that people go to for a long weekend/4day break. Visitors from other countries as well as the rest of the UK. Sheffield is more reliant on its own citizens and students. I don't think the issue is specifically Sheffield people.
  4. https://www.rmcmedia.co.uk/vibe/food-and-drink/article/Alpine-Bar-reveals-more-ahead-of-Sheffield-Christmas-Markets-arrival Some info on the new Alpine bar here
  5. Try getting the Just Eat app and use the postcode of the NGH to see what comes up. Best to wait till tea time as some takeaways don't show up till they open
  6. Another vote for Epirus. Great food, reasonably prices and bing your own beer and wine.
  7. We got rejected this year too. I think they might have been a myth. We live one street away from the park and got tickets last year.
  8. So no trams again for Tramlines at Hillsborough Park in July. Great planning
  9. £3.50!! Id want at least a pint and a half for that you posh git!!
  10. Was disappointed with this. Didn't end up going because we didn't want to drink cask all afternoon.
  11. What time will the beer start to run dry on the Saturday? Mostly interested in the Keg this year.
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