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  1. Thanks, I turned up at 3 and shutters down , nobody home. Would have been helpful if something was posted on the website. Or even some info on the door. This having been told yesterday to call today for my Meds.
  2. Hello to all. Anyone know why Woodhouse Medical Centre was closed today please ?
  3. I did NOT ask for opinion I asked whether people were getting required equipment or not. Personal opinions are irrelevant.
  4. Absolutely, and very well put. Withdrawing Strips is a short term saving but false economy. This is what I aim to put to the local CCG. Thanks for replying.
  5. Many thanks for your reply, exactly what I'm looking for. Hopefully this will be the case for everyone. It seems new Ds are finding that they are being denied access which is why I'm trying to gather answers. ---------- Post added 08-08-2017 at 13:34 ---------- It seems that CCGs are tightening the guidelines on some practices, lets hope Sheffield bucks the trend. I myself was denied as a T2 in May. ---------- Post added 08-08-2017 at 13:36 ---------- Many thanks for your reply. The ability for motivated Ds to actively manage their D is on of my main angles. Thanks again.
  6. Ok,, I did not ask for opinions as to whether people should or should not be provided with anything. I asked if they are not. Obviously that was a mistake. Interest dropped.
  7. Excellent Lingarth. Current trend across the UK is to not provide them to T2s. NICE guidelines say " Meters and strips should not be routinely provided to T2s" local CCGs are applying this as "routinely not provided" which I experienced myself in Sheffield. There are huge cuts to NHS budgets coming through.
  8. Please see my 2nd post in the thread. I have not asked for advice or how to manage the condition. Nor do I want to draw lines between different Ts. Again, again, just experiences re equipment availability.
  9. No offence to anyone, I did not intend this thread to be about how individuals do or don't manage their conditions, so, I won't go there. Please provide info re availability of strips and meters if your finding them becoming less freely available. Also, waiting lists for DESMOND courses etc. I will be pushing these issues in the local media, starting this week in The Telegraph.
  10. Again, I am aware of the thread in the DUK forum, I'm part of it, also I am very aware of the NICE guidelines and CCG view ( I have an upcoming meeting with them). The point is surgeries all over the UK are denying strips etc to patients without consultation , there are pros and cons to that. Such as early spotting of other problems via self testing etc. I just want Ds to feedback their experiences. Thanks.
  11. Many thanks for your reply. This is just the sort of feedback I require. I have written a column in the Telegraph this week, depending on reaction I will be pushing this issue in the local media. Thanks again. Bill.
  12. Yes I'm aware that these things have been freely available. However, across the UK Ds are having their scripts for testing strips withdrawn notably T2s, which I experienced in Sheffield when I requested a meter, I then bought my own and buy my strips. I'm keen to hear from others, T1s are not affected.
  13. Hello to all ,, Im Bill Stewardson, Diabetic living in Woodhouse Mill. I'm looking into the growing problem of self testing equipment being denied to Ds in the Steel City. Are any Ds experiencing being denied meters or strips on prescription ?? Many thanks. Bill.
  14. Many thanks to all. They are now due neutering, I hate the thought of it. Are there no alternatives ? Thanks
  15. Just to get this tread moving again, I have persisted following the above advice, results being TERRIBLE. I am only being honest here, it is soul destroying. Many others I have spoken to on the bank have also reached the same conclusion. I dont pretend to know the problem but it is a large one. Regulars (which I now will not be) tell me that big stuff is caught through the night. My personal view, that fishery is on the slow decline.
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