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  1. Attercliffe, just off effingham street. Office building. heated room on first floor . Secure
  2. 4/5 piece band playing 60s/ 70s r n b / funk instrumentals ( groovy stuff basically - green onions, cissy strut, pick up the pieces , theme from starsky and hutch etc) We’re all in our 40s and 50s, capable but not intense, good rehearsal space in sheffield , gigs lined up in summer ( people like to dance!) like to laugh as well as play We need a new drummer . Fancy it? Chris 07792988689
  3. - yes, got your e mail address, sent you the dropbox link, was that it ?!!!
  4. four older blokes ( from 40 to 60 ) in as band - - bass, drums, and two guitars are looking to have more fun , - by recruiting keys, maybe brass, percussion or even vocals , to do funky stuff we can all play a bit, (some of us have been pro/ semi pro but we just like to play we have a nice warm rehearsal room, and take stuff away and learn it between weekly rehearsals - so we are disciplined-- we've been playing stuff like pick up the pieces, green onions , cissy strut( and other meters tunes etc) - just stuff thats fun to play and gets us ( and hopefully others)movin a bit. been together for bout a year maybe longer previous keys player has had to leave, but we wanna keep goin. and probably gig ive got some tracks recorded live and rough if anybody is interested, or has thoughts about direction. We could be persuaded re a singer, but wont be doing this as a regular job ( we all have them), dealing with ego's or unreliable people . ---- we like to laugh ( a lot) let me know if interested (text or call) Chris- 07792988689
  5. Hi all Looking for advice from you all on a good local business to advise on best way to extend house broadband down to a garden room about 25 m away from house, and to provide kit to make it happen! I heard about a shop on ecclesal road ( ex students?) but don't know their contact details, or any other suitable companies. We are probably capable of doing the installation, just aren't sure on best way of skinning cat( repeater, home hub etc) Live in s12 Thanks
  6. Adi Found a gig yet Older guitarist just finished a project, could be tempted back for right gig What are you thinking of doing ?
  7. Tom loaded two tracks onto soundcloud.com under name of 'jakeolly' should give you an idea also seperate to that i love the idea of the funk thing and think it couldd be up my street - so if anything further comes of it bear me in mind for guitar or maybe get together or call me to chat through 07792988689 Loved the meters and the second track
  8. hi ady - just sent e mail - go onto soundcloud and look up 'jakeolly' - 2 tracks on there
  9. have some, but not on line, will try and log on soundcloud tonite essentially 'my baby just cares for me, love me like a man, dont know why (nora jones) love me (hank williams) feel my love (bob dylan ) big yellow taxi (Joni ) etc will send message when 'clouded'- although the demo has a very minimal drummer and are all too slow , youll get the idea
  10. Hi dug Not really a funk band, but we've got a good 26year old blues, torch singer and guitarists , looking for blues jazz minimal but funky drumming Guitarist has cool house with a rehearsal space Let me know if you wanna try Chris 07792988689.
  11. Hi Just posted an ad for drummer ,then spotted yours We're looking for something maybe like you Give me a call or text 07792988689 Chris
  12. Extremely good 27 year old female singer with guitarists and bass seeks a percussion or drummer with jazz touch and small kit,! Fairly regular gigs beautiful rehearsal space in troway own transport needed Nothing too intense, set ready, practice once a week. Older capable guitarists Demo available. Call/ text 07792988689
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