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  1. One of my closest friends, Debbie runs this salon. Naturally I am biased, but she has been cutting my hair since I was 16 - I'm now 24. She's a very talented lady and trains regularly in London and Birmingham. Prices are very reasonable and she also has a beauty room. She tends to be quite busy but will always try to accomodate people. Hope you enjoy it if you go! x
  2. I've used Velocity Legal to buy my house. They are based in Maltby, which is fairly far away from my new house, but the guy who runs it, Peter Kuleszka, is trying to set himself up in business and is relying on word of mouth. He's been fantastic, and charged us £600 plus VAT, which is £705. I'd strongly recommend him. Just type 'Velocity Legal Maltby' into Google and it will bring up his details.
  3. Mmmmm, I have to agree with the person that said Casanova at Crookes...I've been there recently and the food was lovely. Yummy Calzone... Will definately be trying some of these places out, definately BB's! Thanks everyone.x
  4. Hello Everyone I'm about to move into my new house, but really struggling to find cardboard boxes! Does anyone know where I can get them? They used to give them away at Morrisons but not seen them for a while... Thanks
  5. Ahh thanks everyone...Vito's was just awful...never again! Have wanted to go to BBs for ages, but can never get in, I suppose that's the sign of a good place to eat. Will definately try Mamma Mia too, Langsett Road is within walking distance of my new house too, bonus.
  6. I have used Stephen Rennie at Eastwood and Co in Hillsborough for my mortgage. He's fantastic, always answers his calls, works out of business hours, and is very friendly. He is completely honest with you, and he is paid by the mortgage/insurance company who lend you the money/insure you. He's the definition of impartial.
  7. Me and my other half are attempting to buy a house with Saxton Mee in Hillsborough. Horrendous is not the word.
  8. Oohhh you should really try Zara's at Crookes if you can (next to the Punchbowl)...Its decorated really well, the prices are okay (about £6 for a Chicken Korma), and they've just won an award for best restaurant in Sheffield. The whole place is really clean, the waiting staff are fantastic, and the food is fresh and yummy. I can't recommend it enough.
  9. Hello Me and my fiance had a very bad experience in Vito's in Walkley a few nights ago. Hard pasta and raw Calamari...mmmmm... Can anyone recommend a lovely Italian place to eat in Sheffield? Ideally not a chain...and the more garlic the better... Thanks!
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