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  1. Drummer rich, no hard feelings this end, but can't help feel you were having a jibe at me for no apparent reason. Never even met you. And, for your info, I play various instruments, in a number of projects. But I'm mainly a singer / songwriter / guitarist (15 yrs), but can (and do) play various other instruments too. Not sure what your problem is with that. Not really bothered.
  2. Oh, and btw Drummerrich, I never 'thanked' you for not showing up for that jam session we arranged ages ago. You cancelled on us very last minute with some weirdo excuse and we got stung for the cancellation fee at the studio. Nice one.
  3. no 'offence' drummerrich, but I'm in a number of different projects... not all posts on here are for the same thing. Would have thought that'd be obvious. But this is SF after all, so should probably have made that clear.
  4. looking for a bassist and singer PM me if interested.
  5. Hi, singer/guitarist putting together a 50's / early 60's rock n' roll / rhythm n' blues covers band. Looking for drummer, bass player and singer who are up for this. Must have own gear, be reliable, have own transport, be reliable, prepared to gig at weekends, have a good sense of humour and be reliable. I think you get the idea This will be a band with a difference... not the usual run of the mill pub covers stuff. Please get in touch if you fancy getting involved. Cheers mob 07985 538 449
  6. Hi mad man, yes the tracks are already written, but I'm happy to co-write, too. I'm recording stuff for a heavy EP / album in my studio at present - 5 demo's up on the myspace already. Just looking for a singer / front person for this metal project (I do have another project, too - a nifty little Blues / folk solo thing). metal project: http://www.myspace.com/vortexunknown blues / folk: http://www.myspace.com/lofihardwired (Just in case anyone's interested)
  7. When I download the Fujitsu 'Desktop Update' application onto my laptop, then transfer to the Fujitsu desktop PC and open the file, it doesn't work. This is because the app wants to connect to the internet to check for updates / latest drivers etc. The VERY PROBLEM is that the desktop PC doesn't connect to the internet so I can't run / install the drivers. This is mental. I can't even run the Fujitsu app on the laptop because it's a DELL. When I try to run the app from the laptop it says it can not be done because it's not a Fujitsu PC. WTF. Any other ideas?
  8. Thanks for replies so far folks. Just to be clear, our home desktop PC is a Fujitsu. It is not connecting to the internet. We have it plugged into the cable from the Vigin Media router but it isn;t even showing a network connection (like it did previously) (before I re-installed Vista). So, as a temp alternative, I've stopped using the desktop PC and hooked my own (Dell) laptop upto the inernet cable and it connects / works fine. I just don't want to have to use my laptop for the internet long-term, so would like to get the Fujitsu desktop PC working on the internet again. Can someone clarify a solution please?
  9. Looking to get together mid January. Need a vocalist onboard ASAP for recording.
  10. hi guys, new & talented heavy rock / metal band require a voclaist. 2 of our band are also sound engineers / producers so lots of perks. This band is original and we need a unique frontperson. Think Pantera, Metallica, Deftones, Sepultura etc. heavy melodic stuff! Listen to our tracks on Myspace and get in touch ASAP http://www.myspace.com/vortexunknown
  11. Thanks. It's a fijitsu. Will have to check model when I get home. i have a laptop at home which can go on internet - so I can download the drivers from the Ffujitsu site?
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