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  1. like some strawberry plants where are you pm me details
  2. i was at school with the people mentioned my name is mark briggs
  3. got some second hand glass 3.00 per pane
  4. got a few plants for sale cucumbers 30p courgettes 30p fresias 60p tele 07951996051
  5. has anybody got any hens for sale if so pm me
  6. if you give me a ring on 07730880160 I will give you afree no obligation quote
  7. wanting logs pm me if you have any
  8. marks and johns garden services tele 07951996051
  9. I have got 4 lion head baby rabbits for sale they are 10 pound each
  10. I have some plants for sale courgette cucumber cabbage runner beans also got dalias at 25pence a plant
  11. I have got tomatoes ... cucumber ... courgette .. strawberry plants for sale at 40pence each also cabbage and runner beans pm me
  12. hi im wanting some quails if any 1 got any
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