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  1. They sent men out to remove a tree from out side the house next door. Now the have arrived to plant one outside my house where I don't want it the house next door has a very high privet fence which darkens my house and they don't maintain it very well I have have asked if they can put the tree back in the same place it Watson before but the AMEY guys say the can only put it where they have been told to my other half has bad eye sight and we need the light I have looked after the grass outside my house cutting it feeding it clearing up the dog poo even providing poo bags I have called the 2 hrs ago was tolssomeone will call me back guess what no one has in windy weather we get all the leaves fron the trees growing near by this awful I don't mind a tree but not outside my house. and now they are putting one the other side too I am so angry they should have consulted us surely I know it the councils land but they don't see the mess the make
  2. Worked at Williams Brothers Green Lane played snooker for the Bell View Walkley lived in Whitehouse Road Walkley sadly died in Boston Hospital
  3. Anyone know why the pub has closed again ?
  4. Yorkshire Water are closing some paths around the middle reservior with some nasty looking barb wire
  5. I went in asda walkley on Saturday morning and a very kind member of staff went and got me 2 bags of ice from the new delivery in the back even though I told her I would call back later . I do know the member of staff everyone is talking about Thankyou member of staff for going the xtra mile
  6. Looking out over to the top of Hollins Lane police blue lights been there over hour and a half anyone know what's going on
  7. Anyone know what's been going on round Rivelin Valley Road. Area today
  8. Church hills in Crookes clean them for £15 you have to pay up front
  9. My sister born in Walkley grew up in Walkley emigrated to Botswana for 20 years now lives in Mandurah Oz and loves it
  10. I went to school the same time as Seb and lived on Blakey (Blake Street ) he did not train on our Street It was fantastic sleding down there in the winter bit scary on roller skates before the hand rail was put up the middle of the road was cobbles
  11. I lived on Blake street for most of my life and I have never heard of this race
  12. A wonderful guy Cockney Pete (aka) Pete Riley from Walkley died last week while in hospital in Liverpool miss you and your cheeky smile
  13. My gran lived down there Alice and Alf Gray thier Jack and Vera Hobson son Jackie and daughter Carol anyone remember the Hilfoot Club too
  14. Where are the best places to take someone in a wheelchair who is visiting sheffield as a tourist with good disabled access can anyone help. Thanks
  15. Anyone remember my uncle Pat Haigh from Oxspring ? he worked at foxes for many a year
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