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  1. Why, am i looking tired ? Your all argueing over something thats not worth arguing over. What should really concern you is that its obvious Sony have not got anything new and are doing a Microsoft with a reissue of an old system. Now that is worrying. not!!
  2. Your best bet would be Young owls, Handworth or Brinsworth, they all play there home game in that area, but to honest most teams have already got there squads sorted by end of July so unless he's any good he will struggle this late to get a team. Its a bit of a bunfight at under 7/8s as its the age when parents are pushing kids into it. Also kids that are not that good dont get much play time which causes anguish to the parents. Trust me i have seen it and its not pretty. If you cant find a team, find a regular training session for him then try again at end of June when the seasons trials start. If you are prepared to travel, like we were with ours try Sheffield Rangers at hillsborough. At that age they are brilliant with them.
  3. Geek Wars !!!! Oh cares less about SSD. they are so last year Does it play games, blue rays, do the internet etc if so great, i will have 3 please
  4. Not everyone actually steals copyright. some if us do actually support the work produced in movieland. I personally am a cineworld card holder and support them every month. I do think however that it shouldnt be illegal to download tv programs that have been shown on free tv. the other tv issue I have is that some quality US programs never actually see the light of day in this country so how else do you get to see them. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  5. If you really wanted to be naughty you could buy a tv with a usb media player that plays Avi, MP4 or Divx then download your very illegal content onto a flash drive, then simply pop it in your tellys usb and bobs your uncle. No PS3, dvd player or DVD disc required. You would obviously only do this if you were very naughty. So dont.
  6. Run cover shoot, !!!. Lets not forget the gameplay, story, humouress narrative. Its an all round enjoyable gaming experience with interesting charecters. If you dont like it so what, I dont care to be quite honest. Its just my opinion.
  7. Your Wrong. Gears of War pi££es all over anything on the PS3. And this is from someone who prefers the PS3.
  8. Try the Crucible Corner on Tudor Square. No footy, no loud music just good food, drinks and company:)
  9. Personally Id flatten the whole area. Thats not a religious point of view either
  10. Whats wrong with swanky franks, been a few times and always enjoyed it. For the record, Crucible Corner do a nice homemade burger
  11. It doesnt matter whether its a massive car boot or a smaller car boot, it depends on what your selling and how much your asking. If your selling entertainment eg dvd, cds, games etc at a reasonale price you will do well with the traders, likewise the same with antiques. if your just having a clear out of all sorts then it just depends on whether someone is looking for that item or whether its cheap enough to attract the casual buyer (the ones that turn up later and wander round with there kids, dogs etc) The bigger car boots can sometimes be too big, eg no room to stand and look, too much choice, too many people walking round. My advice would be to give the bowshaw car boot a couple of weeks to get going then do that one. Its only a quid to stand and its in sheffield so no real extra costs plus it get busy with buyers.
  12. So whats wrong with Norton. I have never had a problem with, doesnt cause any issues and nothing has ever got through it. Oh, i know what it is, you have to pay for it.
  13. completely agree, i have sold there before, you get in then get swarmed by all the traders, who by the way just park up and then wander around picking off the good stuff before setting there own stalls up just before the doors open. Once joe public gets in all the good stuff has been bought up to be resold at ridiculously inflated prices. There are no bargains to be had here. If twin oaks was run like every other car boot it would be one of best, but whilst it continues with the "you cant get in till 12.30 policy" it ranks firmly at the bottom of the must visit car boots.
  14. You cant go wrong with a Kindle, it is what it is. If you want something more but dont want to pay £400, just wait till the Kindle Fire is released in europe (check Amazon US) The fire is Kindles version of the Ipad but for less than half the cost. It looks fantastic. I think i can say that i will be purchasing when its available.
  15. Crucible Corner and Cafe Crucible both have gluten free meals on the menu. A Cafe Crucible always has a gluten free Quiche on offer along The current Corner menu is as follows Starters Winter Salad V/G £4.25 With poached pears, dates, roasted walnuts and a creamy Yorkshire Stilton dressing Venison Meatballs £5.75 With a tomato, oregano and rosemary sauce , served with crusty bread Home Made Soup of the Day £4.25 Served with fresh bread Mains Home Roasted Turkey G £12.95 Hand-rolled by our chefs, with cranberries, leeks and herbs, and stuffed with Crawshaws sausage meat accompanied with a roast-pan gravy Chip Shop Platter £11.95 Fish chips, peas, and homemade tartar sauce, monkfish scampi and tomato sauce, fishcake and curry sauce Fried Onion and Thyme Potato Cake G £8.95 On a bed of creamed leeks with a fried egg and cheddar cheese sauce British Sirloin Steak with Hand Cut Chunky Chips £16.95 With herb butter and dressed leaf salad garnish. (Approximate raw weight 8oz) Desserts Traditional Christmas pudding V £4.25 Served with brandy sauce Home Made Sticky Parkin V £4.50 Served with Christmas pudding ice cream Yorkshire Cheese Plate £5.75 A selection of fine Yorkshire Cheeses, with assorted biscuits and our tasty home-made winter chutney, and celery 2 Course £14.95 3 Course £17.95 Sirloin Steak Supplement £4.00 Mains Warm Goat’s Cheese, Toasted Walnuts and Grape Salad V/G £6.95 Smoked Chicken and Chicory Salad G £8.75 With cannellini beans, and a plum tomato and blue cheese dressing Sausage and Mash of the Day £9.95 Confit Duck Leg Served on smoked mash with bacon, mushroom, and red wine sauce £10.95 British Sirloin Steak with Hand Cut Chunky Chips £16.95 With herb butter and dressed leaf salad garnish. (Approximate raw weight 8oz) Pie of the Day and Vegetables £9.95 With a jug of Hendersons Gravy Home cooked Ham, Free-Range Egg, Grilled Tomato and Hand Cut Chunky Chips G £9.95 Homemade Rump Beef Burger £7.95 With side salad and small side of hand cut chunky chips Fish and Chips £9.95 With buttered garden peas and homemade tartar sauce Roasted Root Vegetable Risotto V/G £8.95 With a dressed parmesan salad Goats Cheese, Pea, and Mint Omelette V/G £8.95 With dressed salad and hand cut chunky chips Fish Grazing Slate £11.95 or £16.95 for two to share A selection of fish and seafood with lemon, homemade tartar sauce and bread   Available All Day Sandwiches Available on white or granary bread, served with a salad garnish Roast Chicken and Stuffing £5.95 Brie and Cranberry Melt V £5.50 Homemade Fish Finger Sandwich with Homemade Tartar Sauce £5.50 Light Bites and Sides Mixed Pot of Olives and Sun Dried Tomatoes V £4.95 With balsamic vinegar, olive oil and bread Dressed Mixed Leaf Salad V/G £3.95 With a pot of vinaigrette Side of Hand Cut Chunky Chips V/G Small £1.50 Large £2.50 Available Until 4.30pm Daily Sandwiches Available on white or granary bread, served with a salad garnish Red Pepper, Pesto & Mozzarella Melt V £5.50 Poached Salmon with Horseradish Mayonnaise and Cucumber £5.95 Pan Fried Cumberland Sausage and Caramelised Red Onion £5.95 Omelettes Three Free Range Organic Egg Omelette with a Dressed Salad Garnish Goats Cheese, Pea & Mint £5.95 Ham and Mature Cheddar £5.95 Arnold Bennett (smoked haddock and cheddar cheese) £6.95  Desserts Ice Cream Sundaes Lyceum Liquorice £5.75 Creamy liquorice ice cream dressed with cream and a sprinkling of Allsorts Crucible Crunch £5.75 Vanilla and honeycomb ice cream served with chocolate sauce, cream Mollybocker Sundae £5.75 Up to 3 flavours of your choice (please ask for today’s selection) topped with cream and sauce Selection of Fine Cheeses £5.75 With home made chutney, biscuits and celery See Specials Board for Further Options
  16. First Car !! Dont, insurance companies dont like them.
  17. The theatres have a deal with Q Park where you get your first hour free. Its considerably cheaper than the NCP. Just get a voucher from the Box Office on arrival, stick it in the machine first, then put your parking ticket in. It knocks the first hour off.
  18. The Virgin vs Sky argument will rumble on for ever as everyone has a differant opinion. Personally i am on the side of Sky. The overall package is cheaper if you take on Movies and Sport etc. Virgin get the nod for broadband, Sky get the nod for HD, 3D and general programming. Also i prefer the sky set up, menu etc. You do have to have a BT line to get sky talk. I slipped up a few years ago as i had a talk talk line. I had to convert to BT which was a minimum year unless you buy out. Dont know how this works if you have been on Virgin, i presume as there is an old BT line in the house you should be fine.
  19. Being a dedicated hater of all things apple or indeed any fruit based products eg Orange, Blackberry etc i find that its not the technology that irritates me but the people who use them. Can anybody actually say that they have had a conversation with an iphone user that has lasted longer than 3 minutes before the bloody thing is out of their pocket and they are happily scrolling oblivious to the outside world. I think it can be proved that iphone owners have an attention span of roughly 2.87 mins. The old adage that men think about sex every 7 minutes or whatever doesnt apply to these iphone saddo's. There thoughts turn to Apps or "just checking that its working ok whilst sat in that dark inside pocket" Now this is not any form of jealousy as i can easily afford a box full of the damn things if i wanted. I just prefer a phone that you can talk text or just abit of internet. Unfortunately the Apple brainwashing will continue with the next must have incarnation. They are turning the worlds population into sheep.
  20. Nope it was definately the Golden Ball. It was a boozer on Campo lane. I remember the Golden City on Matilda Street i think. Bit of a gang hangout just like the Showboat which was Skinhead HQ. Used to play Galaxian in the Red Lion at back of City Hall too. Oh happy days
  21. The now long gone Golden Ball in town had a fantastic game called Soldiers of Light. Made by Taito i believe. One of the best i ever played
  22. Cant gree with your opinion of Bad Company. Both 1 & 2 where excellent, and enjoyable. CoD 4 was good, it brought it upto date. MW2 was OK and Black Ops is just average at best. There are shooters out there which are just as good. Fear2 and 3 are both excellent. Medal of Honor although short was a great game. Singularity was also very good as was Killzone 2 & 3. CoD maybe the online biggy, but it does rely on banging out new maps and expecting you to pay up for the privelige. By the time Black Ops has finished it will have cost £80 for the game. Its like your paying £40 for a half finished game.
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