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  1. I went to Sharrow Lane school in the middle fifties, played football for the School, We lived on John Street remember Barrie Ashmore, Mick Howson Arnold Wainright Rodney Gosling and Janet Hewit great days.
  2. Hi I have only just joined the forum,we lived on Crookes in the the old drinks shop just below the Ball inn. We were living there during the big Snow fall of 1948. I went to Sharrow Lane school and remember the old quarry on sharrow lane where there was an old guy that made a living selling firewood.
  3. I played for St Pats in the 60s with T O Brien, J Suter, R Maher, A Higginbottom and a lot more that I can't remember, i know Trevor sadly passed away a few years ago and I have just found out that Alan recently also died. They were some of my happiest times playing football for a great Club pity was that they also finished. Anyone out there that played around that time still alive and kicking.
  4. I have just started reading 2 Books by Frank Hartley, all about his early life down Attercliffe. As a refugee from Sheffield now living in Milton Keynes I was wondering if any else out there went to Salmon Pastures College around 1956/57. I did my early bricklaying training there and took my City & Guilds exam there. One name I do remember is Frank Earnshaw, who must be about the same age as me.
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