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  1. Like i said sorry in advance if I've not posted in the appropriate discussion thingy mi bob but does anyone know of any car boot sales takin g place. Thanks
  2. I'd go with 18mm, with correct fixings (80-100mm screw with cap) will more than stand upto the elements. Seen many a facia and guttering job coming away with the weight of melting snow. with the 18mm it gives you a better slate/tile coverage on the gutter. Extra 2mm could be the difference between having to mess about with the eve's etc or not, very time consuming.
  3. 18mm the thicker the better as it is a replacement to the original timber facia which are usually around 20mm in thickness.
  4. Yes defo in a kinda selfish way it does make you feel better that others do suffer from it although i'd wouldn't wish it on anyone
  5. Thanks for the replies, ive suffered with them for around 15 years now, half my life. Medication after medication untill i made the decision to quit the pills. Went cold turkey, was truely an horrible time. I had to do mi sen as i'd lost all confidence in my doctor. Been refered to cbt therapists even a shrink and found them both patronising and unsympathetic. To look at me you'd probably think i'd not a care in the world and that somet like this wouldn't bother someone like me, god, its a daily fight, that i often lose. Thanks again for your replies. Btw, never knew about 'no panic sheffield' worth a try. ;-)
  6. I always use hillsbrough fencing. Try there website for prices. Good quality treated timber. 12.50 delivery charge.
  7. Does anyone know of any support groups for people that suffer from anxiety and panic attacks? Also does anyone suffer from these and how do you cope?
  8. You tube has some really good tutorial video's. If you've a basic knowledge on mixing then try them, but it does help to know the very very basics. Good luck.
  9. are you interested in the decks pal, cant pm you as you have to many messages or somet
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