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  1. Pity Leon Harris isn't available.
  2. any chance the oil just needs topping up? Good luck....
  3. One between Fairholmes (Derwent dam wall), and the flooded village of Derwent on the East side of Ladybower.
  4. All games are easy until kick off.
  5. Awful! Remember him easily. Hope things go as well as possible for him and his family.
  6. Have a trip to the training ground and ask security. I SUSPECT players not injured will arrive at staggered times for a 11am start. At a home game, ask at the player's entrance what is the latest they report (used to be hour & half before KO), and do they park near shop and walk round pitch, or park near south stand to enter via player's entrance.
  7. I use teletext a lot. It's good when you know where to look for what you want - AND quick. Internet? Yes I'm never off it too. Sports details etc.on a modern TV - not bad but too many steps to get your info. A lot better than nowt.
  8. always easy before kick off. Wasn't an easy victory at home.
  9. have they sent a photo of the offense? I was accused of using a bus lane in Reading about a year ago - it was a transit, not my fusion. the guy looking at the photo couldn't even read the number plate correctly. last time I was in Reading was about '76 - Jeff Johnson scored in an Owls win. Check the photo with care if you have it.
  10. Ask neighbours. Seen anyone working on lines recently? E.g. local openreach vans. Mine wasn't working a couple of weeks ago - internet was. Phoned talktalk and they said problem was apparently within my property as their tests suggested supply was OK. They then will go on to say if engineer comes there will be a charge of £65 if this was so. They will try and frighten you off. I recommend getting engineer, they are good! Twice I've had one and it WAS their lines. Last time was 'corrosion' on one on way to green line boxes (or what they are called). So much for their tests!!
  11. Arsenal's leading scorer suspended I believe.
  12. same problems at Shooter's Grove. parked above Wood Lane's 'Lollypop Man' sometimes on 'zig-zags' or double yellows - engines running, half on pavement, playing on telephones. Apparently the only ticket issued recently was on guy in a Morrison's delivery van encroaching into bus stop.
  13. https://twitter.com/i/status/1205884315894202370 I'm sure I could hear them saying 'We had them outclassed then they got 4 lucky goals'. They could have stopped for the second half and avoided all the traffic!
  14. council.tax@sheffield.gov.uk Email them, tell them there is only one person there now. Name names. State your account number. Ask for an adjustment. you will get an acknowledgement almost immediately (KEEP IT), but it may take 4 weeks for them to reply. If you have the acknowledgement - just wait, or reply by email again that you have already sent (don't send a separate one) and ask them to stop the court threats.
  15. Yes, I seem to remember seeing this on the plans. However my own opinion is that Stannington Road to join the one way system is not as bad as it used to be. This I believe is that during busy times motorists are finally squeezing into two lanes for the last 20 yards. This prevents Loxley / wisewood bound traffic waiting because the one way is clogged. Hence the queue is reduced.
  16. Or swinging to the right to clear their back wheels as if they're turning left in an articulated lorry. However it seems a bonus when anyone indicates more than 10yards from a junction these days.
  17. Try looking for possibilities here:- https://tsy.yorkshiretravel.net/lts/#/travelInfo
  18. IF you want it to be a HMO, check that it's not in the Council's 'Section 4' areas. Before you take the step, watch Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords' on TV a few times! You don't just sit down and watch the rent coming in, and the government are continually making rules more difficult for the landlord.
  19. thanks for that! Another vote for why is it taking so long?
  20. Thanks. I hope that's obvious, but there's SO MUCH going off and different lanes & directions it would be interesting to see how things will finish.
  21. Anyone got a link to the Shalesmoor / Dooley Way road plans please? I wonder what's going off every time I pass.
  22. Email them, you will receive an acknowledgement back, and maybe an answer in about 4 weeks.
  23. R.I.P Rita. Hope the games are good up there! Remember her right back to the 60s.
  24. i would say that film was mid 60s. If you freeze at about 3.37, it looks like a C registered car ('65?), maybe an A35 van or similar. But interesting, few dodgy overtakes though!
  25. I think it's time to remember when the next local elections take place.
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