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  1. yep, oil can with nozzle & finger pump. Put nozzle into lock, seal off flap with fingers give a few pumps, then use key to lock / unlock to distribute. Maybe an old 3-in-one can would suffice. Are you advising not to? Or was oil preesure can not a good discription?
  2. Seen red kites near Alport Towers a few years ago (~4). However don't seem to have seen as many birds of prey this last couple of years. I did read that the Derbyshire area was the most 'dangerous' for prey birds when the bearded eagle was visiting. Fingers are pointed at the groups responsible for grouse.
  3. I would not fancy the slight possibilityof a curfew. I food shop at quiet hours. Why compress all shoppers into less opening hours?
  4. Probably be OK for a couple of weeks. Just long enough to forget and get caught again. i use oil pressure can in locks.
  5. I think you could just be correct there - maybe the late (or non) signalling driver just doesn't give a throw for others.
  6. ....and on the other hand, how many times do you see dipped headlights on parked cars facing you, and I think there is some softwear on some cars that only allow indicators to operate a few yards before a turn.
  7. Yes that would be great for walkers. Me too. Snake Inn and summit would be appreciated.
  8. Trump will sort it - he'll build a wall.
  9. Thanks spider, it was sorted in 2007, unfortunately before the council extended their responsibilities.
  10. Certainly don't want covid to progress, but why oh why doesn't everyone try that bit harder when out? Without the illness, I don't want the restrictions back - which we seem destined for. Wearing a face covering? Cover your bloody nose up too!! Went in town yesterday and there were THREE adults not wearing a face covering in Primark. one even spoke to the security guy on the first floor who WAS wearing one. Suprised he wasn't politely challenged. I left fuming straight away. OK, OK some people are exempt, but I think they out to have an ID type card in view.
  11. "SHOULD" is a careless word in football.😉 PLEASE (or HOPE) is more appropriate.
  12. Me too! Understand entirely. Like others I would like to see. However despite walking a lot in the dark peak, I can't be bothered going to the same place too frequently, when we are spoilt for choice of local isolated hills. I HAVE noticed fewer birds of prey this last 5-6 years. Moorland Monitors have an interesting website.
  13. Sorry if that's targetted at me. Understand. Think it will have sufficient 'body guards' watching.
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