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  1. Pity. I've used it a few times to get up the snake for walks. Although it only served Derwent valley on Sundays, does that mean there will be no service for that area as well?
  2. that's helpful! Is there a similar one for trams, or haven't I managed to spot one on the map?
  3. Hope Fleck recovers quickly. UTO!
  4. Me too, fixed until March 2022 ☹️ Hope Zog don't chuck the towel in for gas, I've got 22 month left fixed with them.
  5. A clean sheet coming! it's off, they've got covid problems.
  6. Why are fewer people sanitising their hands on entry to supermarkets? Do they think the battle is completely won?
  7. Would it be particulary time consuming to just put a hood over the infirmary road lights (townbound) until the repair is complete? Cheap, quick and takes no time to put up AND take down.
  8. Indeed!! Birds of prey in that area, where I frequently walk have really gone down the last 5 or so years. You may find this website of interest https://moorlandmonitors.org/
  9. Came down Walkley lane to Holme Lane this morning. There's a sign .......... road will be closed for 5 days from 12th April. I presume they are referring to the one way bridge.
  10. Love it!!! what pees ME off is at isolated pull-ins on the snake pass there's takeaway litter chucked out. Who wants a take away thats gone cold anyway. And don't get me started on the pratts who take barbeques on moorland, and wonder why there are fires!
  11. Thanks for the replies. A couple of ideas for me there. I USED to use Aldi on Flora Street, but haven't noticed their box lately, and always forget to look when I'm there!
  12. Longer hours soon. Sheffield City Council and Veolia Environmental Services would like to remind residents that from Tuesday 1 April 2014, the opening times at the five Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) found in Beighton, Deepcar, High Green, Shirecliffe and on Blackstock Road are changing to 10am – 6pm until Tuesday 30 September 2014. Suggest going later in day (and week) and if it is raining, but don't tell everyone
  13. Well it's 2 years since the last mention. Anyone confirm which supermarkets etc. have disposal points for household single use batteries (mostly AA / AAA). THANKS!
  14. yep, oil can with nozzle & finger pump. Put nozzle into lock, seal off flap with fingers give a few pumps, then use key to lock / unlock to distribute. Maybe an old 3-in-one can would suffice. Are you advising not to? Or was oil preesure can not a good discription?
  15. Seen red kites near Alport Towers a few years ago (~4). However don't seem to have seen as many birds of prey this last couple of years. I did read that the Derbyshire area was the most 'dangerous' for prey birds when the bearded eagle was visiting. Fingers are pointed at the groups responsible for grouse.
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