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  1. What about a month ago, it WAS cold and the Story was about a Sheffield road having snow covering. True enough there was a picture with some snow on. Location? Top of the bloody snake pass! https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/major-sheffield-road-left-blanketed-in-snow-as-temperatures-plummet-1-9453405
  2. I even saw a car going from Holme lane UP Walkley Lane the other week! Luckily not one vehicle in sight coming down. Now the legal route for THAT direction IS a long way.
  3. Christ Ash, you have fun. When you're on the 81/82 route, look for the cars (usually taxis) turning right from the bottom of Walkley lane (left only).
  4. Strangely Howden was far worse than Ladybower in the early summer. I was thinking then it ought to be as you describe. Went up Kinder on Tuesday and the streams / brooks were far more substantial than recent. Fairbrook was some challenge getting across to use the path to Seal edge.
  5. I suggest you may have more response by mentioning your location and what work you need doing. Good luck!
  6. "Abandoned British village that was flooded to make way for a reservoir in 1940s eerily resurfaces." Good story and pictures, but it seems they are 19 years old. Noticed that they intended 'refilling from nearby reservoirs', which made me think hardly! Derwent & Howden seem lower. Howden in the early summer was very low in comparison. Really surprised there has been no water panic this year!
  7. watch the forecast for possibility of fog - no fun on top when there's nowt to see! We dipped out from Kinder yesterday because of winds. Have penciled in for Friday but may be foggy.
  8. I would have thought that from Win hill the derwent ruins would not be visible. They would be hidden by Crook Hill. Best place to view is from the road to derwent dam. The road swings gently to the left about half way to Fairholmes. There's a car park on the left, well in use at the moment as everyone is interested!
  9. Put S21 2BW into google maps and have a look on the satellite view.
  10. FORE

    Help with electrics

    Is the neutral wire the one you are calling 'positive'? What colour is the insulation on it? Could it be that the neutral wire is broken, or maybe disconnected accidently somewhere? I'm another guy who is not a 'trician, but that's what I'd be checking. Make sure you have not got an uninsulated live wire now you have taken the light off.
  11. FORE

    SWFC V leeds Friday night football.

    Easy? I want what you're on!
  12. FORE

    Reading v sheffield wednesday

    Oh god, not another 'easy' game! Kiss of death!
  13. FORE

    Parking on Acorn Drive

    The lines will probably be painted before a reply is received!
  14. FORE

    Wednesday v millwall

    Millwall are a hard working TEAM who really pressurise well. I cannot see how this can be regarded as an 'easy' game!
  15. FORE

    Chrome viruses /spyware?

    Sorry I haven't replied after everyone's help. Still having same problems identifies with spybot, but only with chrome. Used FireFox last night and didn't get the problems. May try that for a bit longer.

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