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  1. Edmund Drive, Avenue & Close are at the Bradway end of Lowedges. Edmund Road, as pointed out already by TCH is in S2.
  2. That Rita was I believe married to Keith and lived at Swallownest - or that area.
  3. My son lost his. With loads of different sized 1/2" drive sockets available, we managed to find one that would have a real tight interference fit and tap it on with a big hammer. It came off, but the hard point is recovering your socket, we used a machine vice's shoulders and hit the bolt back out. Then get round the scrap yard for an ordinary bolt, or buy a new set of locking bolts. With a bit of luck, you may find that the lockable bolt is not too tight.
  4. I used Daniel Betts in 2016, pleased with him and cheaper than others advertised. https://theepcregister.co.uk/daniel-betts
  5. Pearson should be back for Preston - he's missed 13 games through discipline this season. that should be fun if Forestieri sits him on his arse again after 'megging'.
  6. Not in the Star it doesn't....................... "Sheffield United fans will be asked to remain in the ground for around 10 minutes after the game to allow home supporters to disperse." Read more at: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-derby-road-closures-announced-to-allow-fans-to-board-trams-1-9624479
  7. Pity it wasn't at Barnet last night.
  8. pity I'm teetotal, i fancied what you were on!
  9. i know you have tried the main switchboard, but maybe the other number can help.... For General Inquiries Main Switchboard - 0114 271 7800 Fax - 0114 271 7836 Dental Emergency Assessment - 0114 2717800 Patient Services Team 0114 27 12400 (For concerns and compliments)
  10. I wish those in authority would go to Shooters grove school. Always 3 or 4 above the school in no-parking areas with engines running AND using phones, another offence(?) They restrict the view of the warden. The no idling engines signs are tiny and on the other side, and I suspect not seen.
  11. What about a month ago, it WAS cold and the Story was about a Sheffield road having snow covering. True enough there was a picture with some snow on. Location? Top of the bloody snake pass! https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/major-sheffield-road-left-blanketed-in-snow-as-temperatures-plummet-1-9453405
  12. I even saw a car going from Holme lane UP Walkley Lane the other week! Luckily not one vehicle in sight coming down. Now the legal route for THAT direction IS a long way.
  13. Christ Ash, you have fun. When you're on the 81/82 route, look for the cars (usually taxis) turning right from the bottom of Walkley lane (left only).
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