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  1. thanks for that! Another vote for why is it taking so long?
  2. Thanks. I hope that's obvious, but there's SO MUCH going off and different lanes & directions it would be interesting to see how things will finish.
  3. Anyone got a link to the Shalesmoor / Dooley Way road plans please? I wonder what's going off every time I pass.
  4. Email them, you will receive an acknowledgement back, and maybe an answer in about 4 weeks.
  5. R.I.P Rita. Hope the games are good up there! Remember her right back to the 60s.
  6. i would say that film was mid 60s. If you freeze at about 3.37, it looks like a C registered car ('65?), maybe an A35 van or similar. But interesting, few dodgy overtakes though!
  7. I think it's time to remember when the next local elections take place.
  8. have they <removed>! Like I said, just get a copper to wave them through on red.
  9. After the game the northbound Penistone rd traffic turns right up Herries road south. Why oh why cannot there be a traffic cop encouraging that move when the lights are red. There is no traffic City bound from Penistone road up to that junction, it is blocked off.
  10. Yep. Should have checked. Thought I had pressed the 'quote' button.
  11. It will depend on the number of appliances to be included. Gas safe guys are likely to prefer a longer job rather than one that probably takes up to an hour. I used to get 3 together for about 3x£45 from a friend. Hopefully more recommendations will come for you in time for mid August, but don't let it run out!! https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&ei=U5NAXdDDK-HCxgOb46nIBw&q=gas+safety+certificate+cost+sheffield&oq=gas+safety+certificate+cost+she&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.33i22i29i30l2.42316.45909..48092...0.0..0.146.523.1j3......0....1..gws-wiz.......0i71j0j0i22i30j0i13.ldZg4HeUcaA
  12. Edmund Drive, Avenue & Close are at the Bradway end of Lowedges. Edmund Road, as pointed out already by TCH is in S2.
  13. That Rita was I believe married to Keith and lived at Swallownest - or that area.
  14. My son lost his. With loads of different sized 1/2" drive sockets available, we managed to find one that would have a real tight interference fit and tap it on with a big hammer. It came off, but the hard point is recovering your socket, we used a machine vice's shoulders and hit the bolt back out. Then get round the scrap yard for an ordinary bolt, or buy a new set of locking bolts. With a bit of luck, you may find that the lockable bolt is not too tight.
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