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  1. ALWAYS use comparison sites, and when you are sorted, tell the company that you don't want auto renewal AND want acknowledgement of such. Loyalty is expensive - let them earn it!
  2. He'll get what he deserves inside prison, as well a what the law decides.
  3. Thank you both for your help, Ghozer and Wallace. However I'm bottling it as I need at least 14 x x, to use an account just opened (Chase). I've also noticed that the brightness was high, despite being turned down low before. So I will turn down again and try and put up with it!
  4. Nothing spotted, and youtube has one or two which need a degree, and do not downgrade much. Friends insist you can't 'go back'
  5. I'll give it a look later - thanks!
  6. Was satisfied with my 6s 'phone, but upgraded to 15 4 1, and it has stuff I don't want or like, BUT more importantly it absolutely milks the battery power. Would anyone know how to downgrade back. I have a 5s on 12 5 5, and that's fine. Seen one or two methods on google, and as for me, they're complicated.
  7. Pity. I've used it a few times to get up the snake for walks. Although it only served Derwent valley on Sundays, does that mean there will be no service for that area as well?
  8. that's helpful! Is there a similar one for trams, or haven't I managed to spot one on the map?
  9. Hope Fleck recovers quickly. UTO!
  10. Me too, fixed until March 2022 ☹️ Hope Zog don't chuck the towel in for gas, I've got 22 month left fixed with them.
  11. A clean sheet coming! it's off, they've got covid problems.
  12. Why are fewer people sanitising their hands on entry to supermarkets? Do they think the battle is completely won?
  13. Would it be particulary time consuming to just put a hood over the infirmary road lights (townbound) until the repair is complete? Cheap, quick and takes no time to put up AND take down.
  14. Indeed!! Birds of prey in that area, where I frequently walk have really gone down the last 5 or so years. You may find this website of interest https://moorlandmonitors.org/
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