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  1. You've accidently pressed the 'S' button with the line through. Like this. Where was Brincliffe grammar? Never heard of it - sorry (High Storrs 1963-70)
  2. Some people obviously need their fix of fat & salt.
  3. Those objecting are into 3 figures already. Sincerely hope plans are refused and not just another 'ker-ching' for the developers, at the expense of the countryside which cannot cope.
  4. Edro - i've sent you a PM. Look at the top of the page and click on the envelope. I believe you can send them to anyone now that you have 5 posts.
  5. That's me! Are you still in deepest derbyshire?
  6. Can only add 'Franks', don't remember if there were 6 or 8 in total.
  7. Hi Edward! still got your CV6 ? you've not mentioned me so I'll leave you guessing for a bit. I was there 74-81. Have you heard of anyone we mention? I see Tony Wright now and then going to the matches. Oops - that's a good clue! be in touch soon, regards.
  8. The guy I remember in pyro with Dave (Bert) was someone who lived at Old Tupton - Ted(?). Any chance that was you? Other names to remember were Brian Hawley Dave Grayhurst in metallurgy, Tony, Arthur & Joan in the chemy lab.
  9. Sorted thanks. there seems to be a few having the same problem when i look for solutions via google. Windows suggested what I tried to a another guy. However, my new PCs screen resolution was set to 1280x1024, not 1366x760 as recommended from the available resolutions. Thanks for your help Probedb & swarfendor437. maybe your suggestions will assist others.
  10. Transferred photos from windows 7 to new PC using windows 10, but photos are stretched wider. if it helps old PC (windows 7) has Intel(R) G41 chipset. New one windows 10, has Intel (R) HD Graphics. Also tried settings > personalization > choose a fit ........stretch was changed to 'fit' but had no effect. thanks for reading
  11. Sorry for the guy, and anyone else who gets the virus. RIP Norman. Must admit, I always cheered for Francis Lee when he was retaliating with his 'windmill punches'!
  12. Updates here..... https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tomswalkforthenhs and chance to donate
  13. Pity you couldn't get under the barrier like we can. I'd ring veolia & check tomorrow.
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