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  1. Trump will sort it - he'll build a wall.
  2. Thanks spider, it was sorted in 2007, unfortunately before the council extended their responsibilities.
  3. Certainly don't want covid to progress, but why oh why doesn't everyone try that bit harder when out? Without the illness, I don't want the restrictions back - which we seem destined for. Wearing a face covering? Cover your bloody nose up too!! Went in town yesterday and there were THREE adults not wearing a face covering in Primark. one even spoke to the security guy on the first floor who WAS wearing one. Suprised he wasn't politely challenged. I left fuming straight away. OK, OK some people are exempt, but I think they out to have an ID type card in view.
  4. "SHOULD" is a careless word in football.😉 PLEASE (or HOPE) is more appropriate.
  5. Me too! Understand entirely. Like others I would like to see. However despite walking a lot in the dark peak, I can't be bothered going to the same place too frequently, when we are spoilt for choice of local isolated hills. I HAVE noticed fewer birds of prey this last 5-6 years. Moorland Monitors have an interesting website.
  6. Sorry if that's targetted at me. Understand. Think it will have sufficient 'body guards' watching.
  7. tried to see a few weeks ago when it was roosting on Abbey Brook. Went on two days but no luck. Met a guy from Bedford on 1 day and one from Aberdeen on the second. He had absolutely great photos, one where it was heading for him like a bloody Lancaster. The other showed its beard from the side, and at first he thought it had something in its mouth. Didn't stay long - was getting bitten like hell! Insufficient patience to stay for hours. i notice that Crowden has 2 valleys northwards, one with Pennine Way (crowden great brook) and another has Crowden Little Brook roughly parallel to the east. Which is it possibly roosting on?
  8. Beats me! One cyclist only heading out of town. Yep - on the pavement!
  9. Kits? Least of problems.
  10. Well it appears at the moment there are 797 objections and 20 supporting. Seems pretty conclusive to me. If the developer gets the go ahead they won't give a toss when their 'sovs' are rolling in.
  11. Next on the agenda will be a bike lane for Loxley Road to the proposed 'township', and one lane for cars operated on a tidal flow. Oh Christ where's the delete button gone?
  12. You've accidently pressed the 'S' button with the line through. Like this. Where was Brincliffe grammar? Never heard of it - sorry (High Storrs 1963-70)
  13. Some people obviously need their fix of fat & salt.
  14. Those objecting are into 3 figures already. Sincerely hope plans are refused and not just another 'ker-ching' for the developers, at the expense of the countryside which cannot cope.
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