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  1. Why are people putting black bins out on Friday, no one said anything!
  2. How about reasonable discussions rather than the instant judgement and labeling of any one who objects to what has happened as an insane conspiracy theorist.
  3. They are looking for the remains of an ancient lost civilisation.
  4. That's right, not logged in shows times as BST, weird.
  5. You need to change your server clock posts are showing as BST.
  6. Working next to Leeds Train Station? Guess what it the best way to travel is (hint not by car).
  7. Hi can someone tell me about the common shift patterns for nurses and other medical staff in Sheffield hospitals, is there a standard rigid shift pattern or is there some flexibility in times e.g to start or finish 15 to 30 minutes earlier or later than the standard times? Thanks.
  8. Of course, and removing cars at short notice without "owners' permission" to carry out "emergency" work will be well within the remit of the laws governing public highways.
  9. The road "belongs" to the City not to people parked on it so the Council/Amey can do what they want within reason.
  10. Nobody is forcing you to cycle round a dangerous roundabout though are they? You have the option to dismount and pretend you're a pedestrian who use the proper traffic controlled crossings. If people driving cars complain about how bad those roundabouts are I only imagine how many times worse it could be on a bike.
  11. Why would anyone want to cycle round the University or the other major roundabouts especially when it is very busy or in low visibility conditions?
  12. Westminster is not in Fulwood it's Lodge Moor. Estate agents should be made to write it out 10000 times.
  13. 6% a year increases mean council tax bills will double every 12 years, who in the council decides what the average Sheffield'er in a band B or C property can actually afford to pay without causing hardship to families?
  14. If communing to work by train from Sheffield was attractive and feasible then there would literally be thousands of people queued up on the platforms in Sheffield station in the morning. As this is not the case we can deduce that only a tiny minority of the population commute from Sheffield by train, so we can strike that one off the list as a selling point.
  15. Housing in Sheffield isn't even "cheap" anymore, the cost of a small terrace in Crookes for instance is ridiculous.
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