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  1. I am trying to source fermentation crocks locally. The type with a water seal. Does anyone know of a place that sells them? I am happy to purchase used ones
  2. You didn't ,the weather did. This season has been famine and feast. Wet, dry, hot days cold nights the poor old plants are all out of sorts. The brassicas are the only things excelling for me.
  3. Just love that term, seems to be a standard system
  4. The saying "what goes around comes around " comes to mind Corbyn repeatedly defied the labour whip and worked against the labour government.
  5. Not bothered about point scoring , just like to remember what disingenuous people we have in charge
  6. Does the PMs right hand man come under this banner?
  7. Be aware that all welding rods are not the same . eg you will struggle to weld with a basic coated rod (low hydrogen) but a rutile rod will be fine . The open circuit voltage will not be high enough to run off a low hydrogen rod on a DIY set
  8. Any old bits of scrap put out for the scrapman will do the job , just make sure it's not galvanised and clean off paint and rust before starting
  9. Thank you, I will contact them.
  10. The charging connection on my ipad is working intermittently. I have purchased a new cable but the problem persists. I would like to have it repaired without having to go into Meadowhall. Does anyone know of a place I could take it for repair?
  11. Surely buying stored stock we don't need is encouragement for shops to refill with more stuff which in turn just feeds consumerism. is it time for society to have a completely different attitude to possessions? The amount of plastic used in toys to keep children placated is mind boggling especially when homes up and down the country have piles of toys that are forgotten about. lego springs to mind as something that is continually being sold when there must be masses of unused lego out there.
  12. People should shop, and shop with confidence" when non-essential stores reopen in England on Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said. Just 6months ago the priority was the environment and the message was save the planet, reduce travel reuse and recycle. David Attenborough was feted by the media pushing the message " Live the way you want to live but just don’t waste." Now we are exhorted to go out and spend to drive up consumption. seems like the priority is to drive up spending and pretend it doesn't affect the environment.
  13. One of the joys of gardening, if you net the onions the blackbirds will head for any other area they can scrape to get at food . My spuds are their favourite area. Sparrows on peas ,Red leg partridge getting under netting to eat brassicas ,Pheasants and blackbirds eating fruit the minute it ripens . Isn't it fun gardening!
  14. I have no idea if the figures are correct picked from the BBC. Deaths caused by the virus passed 400,000 worldwide on Sunday. The figure is provided in a count by Johns Hopkins University, which also shows confirmed global infections close to the 7 million mark. Am I correct in assuming 17.5 % of people with confirmed infection die?
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