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  1. Underbank reservoir is a decent route approx 3.5 miles with the option of increasing it by heading towards Langsett.
  2. I cannot understand a post knocking a business for being successful , " overcrowded and busy " ,it's a problem most high streets would love. The garden centre have spent huge sums on providing plenty of car parking and making the place visitor friendly. Yes you do pay a premium for good service, pleasant staff and mainly a good products. If you just want cheap may I suggest stay in and shop online. I have no ties to the garden centre
  3. Have a look at nodig gardening, Charles Dowding has a f/b page and a multitude of you tube videos which are excellent. Generally the advice is not to plant root veg into newly dug and manured ground. After a late start French and runner beans are doing great, beetroot are prolific all the brassicas are good. Wireworm and whiterot are a big problem to the extent I have given up on Aliums in the ground and I am planting in pots. For the wireworm problem I am trying out biofumigation to try and reduce the problem. Biofumigation involves planting hot mustard (Caliente 199) letting it reach flowering stage then chopping it up and covering the area with black plastic. I just hope this doesn't increase the slug problem.
  4. Slaughter the perceived opposition then have rigged elections is how Mugabe gained enough power to do anything he fancied . Blaming white people gave a convenient excuse to strip the wealth from the prosperous and pass it along to his cronies who then asset stripped the country
  5. Give this company a call . I have used them a few times, they provide a good service. https://rotherhamvac.co.uk/
  6. Budget, lifestyle and commute influence your choices without knowing any of these it is very difficult to give assistance. Pockets of Sheffield have changed since you were last here but generally it's much the same
  7. If you're looking for edible plants you try Nastutiums, pods seeds leaves and flowers are all edible. You will get an extra bit of protein if you don't check for caterpillars as they love them
  8. Agree Hazelnuts. The ones with the holes are probably where squirrels have eaten the nut.
  9. Speaking of fish, trawlers inflict unbelievable cruelty on fish.Crushing and suffocating come to mind.
  10. I have suffered badly with this pest this year and I am wondering if other growers are having trouble. Having white rot on my plot I decided to grow my garlic in tubs, all was fine until I noticed the plants looking decidedly unhealthy, on close inspection I found the maggot and pupas just under the surface of all my plants. On the plus side I got to them just in time and was able to harvest the crop albeit early. They are now pickled so not a complete waste. It may be a good idea to net any recently planted leeks to stop the next generation laying eggs. As they are active March -June, September-November it may be best to delay garlic planting until mid November and then net at the end of February.
  11. No proof that it is in commercially produced compost but it is hard to detect without expensive testing. Evidently the best test is the sowing broad bean test. The below link may be of interest to you. https://nodighome.com/2019/06/13/aminopyralid-we-need-to-stop-this/
  12. A warning to people who use horse manure. Please read the link. People who have horses and buy in their hay may have no idea of the problems aminopyralid causes. This does not affect the horses, it only affects growers using the manure and bedding from the stables. I would suggest that before using manure check it by growing two or three broad beans in pots with the manure in and as a test sow the same in good compost and compare the results. Aminopyralid distorts, curls and retards growth https://www.theguardian.com/environment/georgemonbiot/2011/jul/15/vegetables-disease-aminopyralid-pesticide
  13. Welcome OK, you can handle a class full of kids, however the parents are a whole new ball game!
  14. Zeppelin spotter, things have Been a bit quite lately
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