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  1. You should be picking toms around now, for outdoor salad toms it’s not been a good year. Only lately has it been warm enough and lack of water with cold drying winds did not help. Got to agree that bush/trailing toms are prolific and dead easy to care for. As most growers get gluts of salad tomatoes and end up making sauces I think growing the San Marzano variety is the way to go as they are the perfect Tom for preserving.
  2. Realistically department stores are dead or at least on their last legs. Large supermarkets are slowly dwindling as online takes over all retail outlets. The rise in the quick delivery as competition for small shops is eating into the corner shop trade, newsagents/tobacconists are a dinosaurs who are fading into history. Record and bookshops are hard to find which leaves us with empty city centres. Would it not be better to use City centres for accommodation and entertainment provision incorporating social areas like community gardens skate parks etc. The only retail outlets that seem to be prospering are garden centres and even these are becoming destinations sites where people go for a stroll have a coffee/dine or maybe take kids to play areas.
  3. A refund for not getting what is charged for which is unlimited use of water ( if a person wanted limited use they have a meter fitted). Gardeners who grow food and choose the unlimited payment option so as to be able to water there crops are not wasting the water.
  4. When on a water meter , the amount of water used determines the bill. If one is not on a meter will all these people be due a refund as they pay a premium for unmetered use.
  5. I always remember Tony Blair (Labour) for misusing the word truth as nearly every time he made a speech it include... "The truth is" in it somewhere. It always seemed to me just an attempt to try and legitimise what he was stating whether it was true or not. Is that where West77 gets "The truth is" from?
  6. Whilst the whole world is suffering various crisis that is not the fault of our government, it is the fault of our leadership that decisions were were taken for purely self aggrandisement reasons and not for the benefit of the people. It is the fault of the Tory party that they put a man in in charge who was ( in my opinion) lied, was manipulative, and cared only for his own ego.
  7. The biggest asset any country has is the people. For years this country has taken skilled workers from other Countries to work in our economy because it’s cheaper than training our own people. This in turn meant companies the NHS etc didn’t spend money on training and the infrastructure to train them. We are now in a mess because chasing the quick buck was what was encouraged by the government’s of the past 30 years. Education ,Education, Education the mantra of Tony Blair, it’s a pity it was not training,training, training. it used to be that during training for skills it had an element of education in other areas of society turning out well rounded skilled people. We have now lots of vacancies for skilled people because older members of society who saved a bit are now deservedly enjoying the fruits of their labour. Many things now are considered essential rather than luxuries as we have become an instant gratification society and we expect someone else to see to our needs. Yes there are people in need and struggling and these should be helped ,but we have far too many who go through life thinking that spending what they haven’t got is fine and things will be fine. Taking a holiday payed for by credit cards that is not paid off is lunacy.
  8. What is the option for a party of children on a school trip?
  9. Two quality teams, worthy winners.
  10. To which place would you go? Every Country has it’s problems . The world is short of of leaders with real vision , it seems to me that tackling immediate political problems at home or lining their pockets is what most politicians are doing. I have to give credit to Sunak who really doesn’t need to take on the unenviable job of PM. Wether he is capable is a whole different matter.
  11. I see that using a tv remote is useful what I don’t see is the benefit of a smart meter apart from the readings are sent direct to the supplier. Surely consumers know that the more energy used makes for bigger bills. Has the meter altered your energy consumption?
  12. A question to the people who have a smart meter, after the initial novelty has worn do you find it an helpful tool ?
  13. The Conservative party should have arranged and paid for the debate and the media could then play the highlights on their news programmes. The majority of the public have no input on who leads the party so in effect it’s a programme for card holding Conservatives. The winner has a couple of years (if they last that long) before the people can have a say on who governs.
  14. 10 seconds from the fridge , no crowds, lovely flowers and birds visiting for a drink what’s not to like ,stay home save the planet.
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