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  1. Thorpist

    Council stripping newly vacated properties.

    Surely the sensible thing is to give the new tenant the option of taking on the fixtures and fittings of the previous tenant. I couldn't believe it when we had to empty a sheltered property that we had completely renovated, almost everything was only 6 months old. We would have been happy to let the new tenant choose what they wanted to keep .
  2. Thorpist

    Sheffield council reshuffle

    With the purchase of ebikes becoming more popular the hills have become less of a factor in reasons not to cycle. On deciding wether to cycle it seems if the price dropped there would be a big uptake in sales as in Sweden where there are subsidies for ebike buyers. The other two big factors are weather (which we can do nothing about ) and road safety for cyclists which we can.
  3. Thorpist

    Living in Harley, Rotherham

    Harley is a quiet well kept village (thanks to the locals who regularly litter pick and plant flowers). In the older part of the village car parking can be a bit of a challenge. A decent pub and one shop are the total facilities. Senior schools are a bus ride away and I believe the junior school is in Wentworth. There is a village festival each year on the cricket field. The ever popular (on this forum) Toby Foster seems to like it. The main road passing through from Wentworth is quite busy and is affected by excessive speeds. A recent start up is coffee mornings in the small church. If you're looking for an area surrounded by countryside it's probably a good place to look.
  4. Thorpist


    Sunday 9.30am to 12.30pm Hagg Lane & District Gardeners' Allotments Society
  5. Thorpist

    Slug solution

    As it's now time to start thinking of planting out can I make a suggestion to avoid the use of of slug pellets. An alternative that works is 20mm of beer in a tub left out with a loose cover over it (dropping a few grains of sugar into helps) . If you have never tried this give it a go (it works ). The dead slugs can be put out for the birds
  6. Having seen the recent production of Private Lives which was superbly performed by the DGP I think this next offering is one that is a must see. From Monday 13 May -18th 2019 the Lantern has a production of the birthday party , one of Pinters finest plays.
  7. Thorpist

    Recommend a plant for this position

    Hi Your problem is the privet will dry out the soil underneath, adding compost will help Assuming it's quite dry take a look at this plant Liriope muscari. If is has damper conditions a Bergenia may fit the bill.
  8. red cabbage, cauliflower and cabbages coming along nicely. I have overwintered broad beans outside also put out under cloches broad beans from February greenhouse sowings. Early peas sown in raised guttering under cover. I am going to leave parsnips for another couple of weeks as the failure rate is rather high when sown early. The early potatoes (Casablanca ) have been planted today with fleece on standby for when they appear in case of frost.
  9. Thorpist

    Anyone know what this tree is???

    Certainly looks like a willow. If you plant it try to keep it away from drains foundations etc. It will love anywhere damp . Willows are often planted in boggy ground and at the sides of rivers as they help consolidate the banksides
  10. After having a major problem with the tiny whitefly on brassicas (particularly Cavelo Nero kale) I am considering for this year only using it whilst the plants are small. It seems to me that the whitefly got in and because of the netting the larger predators were kept out and the whitefly population exploded. I believe one of the things to help will be to plant more flowers among the brassicas to attract ladybirds, lacewings etc. This leaves the problem of cabbage white butterflies ( don't you just love nature) which will require lots of vigilance unless someone has a good idea. I don't use pesticides or herbicides. The plot next to mine was relatively free of whitefly and that one used no netting or sprays. Anyone have thoughts or tips to add? The netting was good for corn and carrots, with very little carrot fly damage.
  11. Thorpist

    Why has religion retained its appeal?

    As a species we all form attachments to groups that suit our needs /desires. The problems arise when groups try to impose their will upon other sections of society by any other means than persuasion.
  12. Thorpist

    Strawberry plants

    Above is good advice. I would certainly research the variety, you could easily extend the season by going for 50/50 early and late plants
  13. Thorpist

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    Declaring a National emergency as and when it suits with out the backing of the Senate surely means that the country is a dictatorship.
  14. I don't use Meadowhall often so it was news to me, as I didn't see any other warnings I presumed they had only recently broken.
  15. The traffic lights on the M1 North at Meadowhall were not working at 21.00. 09\01\19 For anyone wanting to use them in the morning it may be best to check traffic reports.

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