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  1. " Premier League footballers should "take a pay cut and play their part" during the coronavirus pandemic, says health secretary Matt Hancock. There are many people in this country receiving large wages at what level of salary should people "take a pay cut and play their part"?
  2. Any particular reason you want raised beds? A couple of reasons not to use them are, they harbour slugs and woodlice, they also dry out quite quickly during hot weather. On the plus side they look tidy.
  3. Have a look at this plant Kamchatka honeysuckle . It is more tolerant of less acid soil than blueberries
  4. It's far too early to start Marrow and Fennel seeds. Covering the couch with two layers of cardboard and putting compost on top will starve the couch of light. Any weeds that push through can be pulled out (doing this early will starve the roots and the plant will weaken ) . Regular weeding is the key to getting rid of couch. Broad beans are worth sowing now . Start them off in pots to stop the mice eating the seeds. Don't bother working the soil, put your effort into making compost and use this to cover the land , the worms will do the work for you .
  5. Probably something like we driver-less mini buses running on hydrogen these can be made larger than cars to accommodate the fuel tanks and safety features. Ordering a ride on one could be made easy with better technology. Being smaller they would be more versatile to meet demand. Certainly something has to be done and I don't think battery powered cars are the answer
  6. Is there a limitless supply of materials for making batteries? I assume not , as the need for these materials grows exponentially it will create a whole new world of problems. The answer has to be in a totally new ways of moving people around.
  7. Should any cultural, art , sporting or entertainment be sponsored by the state is a question to be discussed. The BBC undoubtedly contributes to all these things. Peoples horizons and education have been greatly enhanced by the BBCs output . In my opinion the media would be a far worse place without the contribution of the BBC. Personally I would be happy for the BBC to paid for out of the existing tax system. It is by no means a perfect product (but what is ).
  8. Planting in March, make sure to have something to put over the emerging shoots if a frost is likely. A frost will probably knock back the growth meaning a later crop.
  9. Its rather early to be sowing potatoes unless you can give frost protection.
  10. I suppose a thank you for good service and the price paid paid but be put on on twitter.
  11. As there is no dispute over the bill and it was paid, could the name of the "plumber" be posted so that we can decide wether to use the service or not.
  12. would certainly not advocate the breathing in of any silica dust , it is a carcinogen . Many years ago when working in a place where lots of large packets of it were used a large percentage of the workers had coughs and mild flu symptoms, it wasn't until the workers downded tools until it was removed that things gradually improved.
  13. The lights are a definite instruction and should be followed. Without the lights traffic from Rotherham town centre couldn't safely cross the junction Many years ago the Canklow road from the centre of Rotherham had priority then the bypass was built and the road priority was changed. It would be safe turning left on red as there is no chance of an accident but you would be at risk of prosecution. There is a section on Rotherham council's site where if you so wish you can report concerns about road markings and signage. https://www.rotherham.gov.uk/xfp/form/192
  14. Is it not the case that the new MPs from recently converted labour areas will give the PM strength to resist the drift to the right of the Conservative party. As has been stated the Conservatives have been lent the Labour vote due incompetence of the Labour leadership so hopefully they will represent their constituencies and hold the cabinet to account for their decisions
  15. Taken from. https://www.insidermedia.com/news/yorkshire/service-station-plans-set-for-green-light The application will go before the council's planning committee on 21 November and is recommended for approval, subject to conditions, in an officer's report prepared for the meeting. An objection has also been received from Extra MSA, which is planning its own service station at Junction 35.
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