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  1. But without ethics and honesty you end up with Boris.
  2. Boris Johnson says he has "seen no evidence" of blackmail in his party: ref BBC. Why on earth would anyone believe him?
  3. As for enjoying the vaccine I find the comment strange. I consider the vaccine as something that people have done to protect society . It seems to me like not spitting in the street and washing is something I can do to help protect my fellow citizens. What my status re vaccine has to do with the topic is not relevant. Boris made the rules I expect him to follow them.
  4. As a nation we should be ashamed and embarrassed that he is.
  5. How is bring your own booze justified?
  6. As a society we have been pushed along an autocentric way of life by vested interests for decades.Is it now time to stop and make people transit available to all by providing accessible safe affordable mass transportation? This is a big question with the answer way above my ability to even begin to sort out but it seems obvious that the way we transport people now is a foolish way to carry on.
  7. Working in Hillsborough, it would seem to me that the Chapeltown area should be a consideration or even Kimberworth
  8. If you believe in such things you will come to think any strange occurrences are the work of ghosts . Convince yourself that such things are work of angels if you need to believe in something.
  9. ".Islamist religious fanatics on one side and Orthodox Jewish religious fanatics on the other." Until people stop believing religious nonsense this conflict will continue. Add into the mix the arms dealers who thrive on conflict it seems an impossible thing to fix. As for right and wrong both sides twist the truth for their own ends
  10. Is it possible to cover with marine ply and use quadrant to frame it and then paint,
  11. The next time you see a tree surgeon doing a job ask them ,they may dump you a load for free if the drop is nearby. Be prepared for it to dropped off by a tipper truck.
  12. There are many threads on your subject. I would recommend using the search facility using terms such as good schools , good areas moving to Sheffield etc. You could then come back with more specific questions, good luck on your hunt.
  13. A thing to check is the PAS . On mine it is a small disc at the side of the crank ,if it gets moved I lose all power .All I have to do is square it up with a 3mm gap and make sure it is clear .It has been awhile since I had to do this so the gap may be approximate. Certainly worth a checkout.
  14. Our max budget is £375k for a 3+ bed and decent garden. for that money in that area you will probably need a budget for updating the property
  15. Looks like the more environmentally aware should disavow shaving all together (not sure I'd fancy the wife with a bushy beard) and just take a pair of scissors to excess growth. Consider the wildlife benefits also , lots of habitat for creatures to populate.
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