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  1. I read this with laughter thinking how flipping old is this guy, glad you revealed it at the end. It reads as a foreign language to young people.
  2. The scary thing is looking at his history as a businessman/citizen is that he managed to end up as leader of the most powerful state in the world.
  3. A good project the Saudis are backing is The Al Baydha Project, If this can be extended it will be good example for the middle east countries. I recommend looking it up on you tube.
  4. A composed cautious performance, the ghost of Ruiz was in the ring with him. that's not a criticism perfectly understandable
  5. I knew there was an id stamped on bikes I didn't know there was a database. Thanks for posting . I will now register mine
  6. I tend to disagree that VIN plates are not an effective deterrent but I don't have see how the effect one way or another can be measured. If it was just a case of removing a number plate and driving off with a new one fitted with no tractability I think car theft would soar. I do agree that the cost of administering the system would be a factor but as previously stated with the explosion of e-bikes something has to be done to to deter the theft or people will be wary of purchasing what is an expensive product and the movement for more cycle lanes will fade away. The main point is that there is a need to do something . I do not know the answer but it certainly needs addressing by government.
  7. Nothing will stop the theft of something if a person wants to steal it , registration makes it difficult to resell the vehicle and helps to trace the legitimate owner. Do you think that driving an unregistered car should be alllowed?
  8. All vehicles registered in the UK must have a unique, stamped-in vehicle identification number (VIN) and registration number. without one a penalty is incurred As stated there is a a bureaucratic cost. I know of no one that is confident their bike will still be there after leaving it for a few hours. At the very least there should be a discussion at Government level as to what can be done to reduce bike theft.
  9. I would think that your mixture would be too fertile for your spuds and would encourage them to race away in the early stages of growth. Forget the bought compost use soil to mix with your own compost (assuming it's well rotted ) The main worries are frost and lack of water Feed with a high nitrogen fertiliser when the plants are about 4-5 inch tall. Earth up as the plant grows
  10. Since the advent of battery grinders no chains are an obstacle to thieves. Making bikes have a traceable stamped serial number number would help if it incurred a penalty for riding with out one. The problem with this is it incurs a bureaucratic cost. With the take off Electric bikes this problem is going to escalate considerably. Until the fear of punishment or capture for crime becomes a deterrent things will just stay on an upward spiral.
  11. Like all places Rotherham has all types of areas the bad areas are not as bad or as big as the bad areas of Sheffield , likewise the the good areas are not as good or as big as they are in Sheffield. Just like Sheffield Rotherham has suffered from the out of town shopping centres. it is a pity that poverty is rife around the town centre due to political neglect and short sightedness . The people of Rotherham have not been well served by their leaders for a very long time, although things are slowly improving. The Amrc complex is one of the things in Rotherham that the council should be proud of. Hopefully the Man of Steel Sculpture which is planned for Rotherham will get off the ground. Rant over. Comparing properties of similar type in a comparable area you will get a better deal in Rotherham compared to Sheffield. May I suggest you start by looking for properties within your budget . Probably the best areas nearest to the town centre are located in the area past the hospital .
  12. Broad beans and garlic can be planted now although I prefer setting off broad beans in toilet roll middles around early February thereby reducing losses to mice activity
  13. Is it coincidence that when the governments have political problems with the north they instigate a public consultation about cross pennine transport? This problem has been discussed for the past 45 years with very little outcome . The same old arguments will be recirculated before being allowed to peter and put into an archive with all the rest of the often repeated information .
  14. As previously stated insulation is key. 2mm thick polystyrene rolls can be had cheaply with a covering of 3mm ply will most certainly help
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