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  1. Rather than poison your land you ought to consider covering the area with a couple of layers of cardboard then laying compost or aged manure on top. The hydrangeas can be planted into this and any weeds that do manage to force their way through will be weak and can be easily hoed off.
  2. Thank you for the replies, I didn't realise it opened at midday ,I assumed that things would be happening from earlier.
  3. I need to pick up a friend in hillsborough at 9 am on Saturday. My concern is will the traffic be busy at that time due to tramlines. I have no idea of the disturbance to expect at that time of day.
  4. Ageism alive and well on the forum
  5. Have a look here . https://www.nextbase.com/en-gb/national-dash-cam-safety-portal/ The police can do as they see fit with the footage
  6. As a football fan who only wants to watch the cup finals and not going to any other game should my application for a ticket be the same as someone who regularly supports a team? To me it seems regular supporters should have the first chance to book. Re going to the theatre , may I suggest you support the local theatres (the Lantern is my favourite). There is also the option of trying to get dress rehearsal tickets at a reduced price
  7. I compost everything I can get my hands on and mostly it's good stuff, however the amount needed is incredible as it disappears so quickly as the heap heats up. I find cardboard mixed with grass cuttings and nettles soon becomes good compost. I have to agree making your own is probably the best thing to do. For anyone wanting to grow a well constructed compost heap is a must.
  8. Initially on taking on an allotment a couple of years ago I thought that systemic weedkillers were the way to go and bought glyphosate to treat mares tail and and bindweed, however I soon realised it's not a good idea to poison things and resorted to hoeing and pulling up weeds, which works although it's an ongoing job. I find the major problem with producing without resorting to sprays is the battle against bugs aphids, slugs, flea beetle etc. By trying to do lots of companion planting and clearing dead leaves etc I'm hoping things will improve. Gardening this way is certainly more enjoyable and educating than resorting to poisons. Back to the subject: Weedkiller (compost), the trend not to use peat for environmental reasons increases the use of composts from councils who produce it from our garden waste which will no doubt have herbicide and pesticide contamination to some degree. Is there or should there be a standard to certify that this compost is within safe limits ?
  9. About 12 weeks for first earlies , generally around the time they are flowering. Have a rummage around if they are about the size of an egg start harvesting as and when you need them. Second earlies july august and the maincrop leave until the tops have died back. After picking maincrop leave the potatoes to dry on the surface to toughen the skin ready for storage . I store my main crop in old dried potting compost saved from the previous year. You could I assume use shredded newspaper or anything to keep them dark dry and preferably not touching just in case of a rotten one affecting the rest .
  10. Lettuce don't like it in a hot greenhouse, they are best sown in spring or late summer. if you are trying to grow summer bedding annuals you will find it difficult without heat during the cold nights. We had high daytime temperatures during February which killed quite a few of the plants I had put in the greenhouse for winter protection, the temperature fluctuation can be extreme. Remember greenhouses get very warm and need ventilation even early in the season. Have you considered buying in small plugs, these need growing on in the greenhouse until after the the last frost .
  11. Surely the sensible thing is to give the new tenant the option of taking on the fixtures and fittings of the previous tenant. I couldn't believe it when we had to empty a sheltered property that we had completely renovated, almost everything was only 6 months old. We would have been happy to let the new tenant choose what they wanted to keep .
  12. With the purchase of ebikes becoming more popular the hills have become less of a factor in reasons not to cycle. On deciding wether to cycle it seems if the price dropped there would be a big uptake in sales as in Sweden where there are subsidies for ebike buyers. The other two big factors are weather (which we can do nothing about ) and road safety for cyclists which we can.
  13. Harley is a quiet well kept village (thanks to the locals who regularly litter pick and plant flowers). In the older part of the village car parking can be a bit of a challenge. A decent pub and one shop are the total facilities. Senior schools are a bus ride away and I believe the junior school is in Wentworth. There is a village festival each year on the cricket field. The ever popular (on this forum) Toby Foster seems to like it. The main road passing through from Wentworth is quite busy and is affected by excessive speeds. A recent start up is coffee mornings in the small church. If you're looking for an area surrounded by countryside it's probably a good place to look.
  14. Sunday 9.30am to 12.30pm Hagg Lane & District Gardeners' Allotments Society
  15. As it's now time to start thinking of planting out can I make a suggestion to avoid the use of of slug pellets. An alternative that works is 20mm of beer in a tub left out with a loose cover over it (dropping a few grains of sugar into helps) . If you have never tried this give it a go (it works ). The dead slugs can be put out for the birds
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