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  1. The thing that Trump cares about most is TV ratings his tweet about the ratings and tv companies missing him is incredible, sound bites and keeping himself front and centre in the media is what he lives for, he is supposed to be leading a country . Does he even notice what's happening to the people
  2. US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an iconic champion of women's rights, has died of cancer at the age of 87, may she RIP. The passing away of Ruth Bader Ginsburg may have a longer effect on the United States than President Trumps decisions as he will try to install his choice of a new Supreme Court Justice before the election.
  3. Do not know if you would classify this as local, the Pot House Hamlet at Silkstone would be my recommendation. I have purchased a couple of decent trees from them in the past.
  4. Do ants protect aphids from lacewing larvae and ladybirds? I was of the belief that ants farmed aphis for their secretions. On the thought of blackfly covering runner beans I have found a very soft paint brush dipped in a weak soap solution reduces the infestation considerably.
  5. Regularly poisoning plants to keep an area weed free will work , but at what cost financial and environmental? If getting down to weeds is a problem; regular hoeing will eventually weaken weeds and they will not regrow , however weed seeds will always move in . You could put in ground cover plants which will shade out the weed seeds. Sedums ,Oregano , creeping phlox plus many more. The amount of shade and soil conditions are your starting point when looking for plants
  6. A decent kneeling mat and a good trowel followed up with regular hoeing, stop thinking of it as a chore and take pleasure in creating a nice garden that pleases you.
  7. I am trying to source fermentation crocks locally. The type with a water seal. Does anyone know of a place that sells them? I am happy to purchase used ones
  8. You didn't ,the weather did. This season has been famine and feast. Wet, dry, hot days cold nights the poor old plants are all out of sorts. The brassicas are the only things excelling for me.
  9. Just love that term, seems to be a standard system
  10. The saying "what goes around comes around " comes to mind Corbyn repeatedly defied the labour whip and worked against the labour government.
  11. Be aware that all welding rods are not the same . eg you will struggle to weld with a basic coated rod (low hydrogen) but a rutile rod will be fine . The open circuit voltage will not be high enough to run off a low hydrogen rod on a DIY set
  12. Any old bits of scrap put out for the scrapman will do the job , just make sure it's not galvanised and clean off paint and rust before starting
  13. Thank you, I will contact them.
  14. The charging connection on my ipad is working intermittently. I have purchased a new cable but the problem persists. I would like to have it repaired without having to go into Meadowhall. Does anyone know of a place I could take it for repair?
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