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  1. Hi I'm looking for a youngish female guinea pig if any one knows someone trying to rehome one or has had babies would rather rescue adopt one from here than go to pets at home. Needed ASAP to pair up with the female one I have now who is on her own. Thanks
  2. Sale Amount Reason for Rehome / Sale rehome Time Scale – How Urgent? Urgent Has the Cat ever been in Rescue no Location sheffield Age & Sex male and female both 5 Vaccinated & Wormed both Neutered & Micro chipped neutered Breed/ Mix Colour/markings tabby and white male black and finger female Long/Shorthaired short haired Live in / Or in and out male out female self made indoor will venture out a little but never far Used to a cat flap Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals live together Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues Temperament ok OK with Dogs / Cats with cats not dogs Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching yes Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching Good or Bad with Childrenale good with children female isn't Dislike of Men or Women Housetrained yes Any further General Information you can share. Smudge and twix have both been with me for over 4 years I have come to the devastating descision to re home these guys. Smudge has taken a dislike to anyone but myself she has attacked my daughter and friends on several occasions for no reason at all I have been there on all these occasions and feel it would be better for her to be rehomed with someone who is a cat lover who doesn't have many visitors or children around a lot. Twix is a fantastic boy all round loving cat both are house trained. I feel I could explain the while situation better in person please pm me if you are interested.
  3. Rehome or Sale? rehome Reason for Rehome / Sale : no time Sale Amount Location : S35 Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? NO Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? YES Age & Sex MALE 7MTH Breed/ Mix GIANT FRENCH LOP RABBIT Colour/coat type BLUE GREY Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? MOST OF THE TIME Live in / out IN Neutered/spayed NO Chipped NO Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues NO Temperament TYPICAL YOUNG RABBIT LOTS OF ENERGY. Vaccinated & Wormed NO Any special knowledge needed PREVIOUS RABBIT CARE i have put this on for a friend who has not thoroughly thought out her decision to get a rabbit and is now trying to re-home him if you are interested contact Charlotte on 07411333215. please forever homes only as he has been passed from pillar to post.
  4. i have spoken to police and 101 service and there have been no reports from people who's dogs have died due to eating anything in stannington park. i would still be cautious when walking your dog anywhere to make sure they are not picking anything up and eating it.
  5. indorex is one of the good sprays my cats had them last spring after spraying had no fleas since it also protects for 12 months and i about £11 a can. i would buy them then send a bill to the carpet company.
  6. I'm glad its not just me that thinks like this. I have recently taken in a dog and took him out boxing day for a lovely walk down rivelyn how wrong I was the first woman and dog I saw I have seen many times and her dog is always off lead and charges any dog barking growling and snapping her response to her friends was it will learn when it gets a bite on the end of its nose!!!!!! As friendly as my dog is there would be uproar if my dog had bit her dog as he is a staffy x. The next people we past couldn't have been more ignorant rude and completely irresponsible in my eyes and Im glad I have never seen them or they would get a piece of my mind. 2 women joggers past me with leads but no dogs I was puzzled after walking quite a bit further on I came across a couple with a puppy been terrorisd by to dogs really boisterous barking jumping in the end the bloke picked the puppy up and continued walking while these 2 dogs jumped up at him trying to get at the puppy. I looked for owners then put 2 and 2 together and looked back to see one woman shouting the dogs then continue running out of sight. I mean really how inconsidarate are some people. WHen walking my dog or my mum's dogs if I see another dog I will put them on a lead as I think its the polite thing to do.
  7. It says on the back £98 for males and £100 and something for bitches.
  8. It's not completely free via the dogs trust depending on which vet you go to.
  9. My friend is trying to rehome her staffy through no fault of her own. Due to a relationship breakdown and the dog suffering bad with seperation anxity she can no longer keep her with 3 children as well. Is there anyone anywhere who could take this girl in and foster her until we find her a home or space comes up in a rescue. My friend has not Come to this decision lightly and is devastated about the whole situation. Please does any one has any good advice or help they can offer. Thanks Vikki
  10. Got 2 cats already and he's ok with them but they don't like him lol. My house isn't big enough for another dog. It's just confusing that he's going over 10 hours at night on his own in the kitchen so why not the 2 and a half he was left when no one was in.
  11. Iv taken on a 6 month old staffy X long story short he was going to be tied to a lamppost and left. I have had him since Thursday and he now sleeps in the kitchen at night on his own no whineing nothing He is very good in so many ways but I had to leave him yesterday from half 9 til 12 I came back and he was quite but reports from neighbours suggest he was howling really bad for most of the time. I have been leaving him to go outside for 5 mins then back and praise then leaving for longer. But what else can I do to help him. Any ideas welcomed
  12. Property Offered Area: Stannington Liberty Place Type of Property: Upper Masonette Number of Bedrooms: 2 Landlord: council (Sheffield Homes) Any other information: Property Wanted Area: Stanninton Type of Property: 2 bed house with garden Number of Bedrooms: 2 Landlord: (Council / HA) Any other information:
  13. Hi my mum has a big plec she wants to rehome as she has 2 and there isn't enough room for both of them he is about 12 inches long. If your interested pm me and I can give you her number.
  14. The infamous locking jaw is a myth. The Pit Bull Terrier and other bull breeds are physiologically no different from any other breed of dog. All dogs are from the same species and none have locking jaws. There is absolutely no evidence for the existence of any kind of 'locking mechanism' unique to the structure of the jaw and/or teeth of the Pit Bull Terrier. A lot of people on here are also making presumptions that it was a pit mix are any of you qualified to say it was a pit mix to know what a pit mix looks like? There seem to be blot of people who get dogs mixed like I was told my mum's dog was a pit mix because she was blue!!!!!!! Yet his mother was a staff/English bull terrier and dad was a full English bull terrier. People are very ignorant and think they know best and tarnish innocent people and dogs with the same brush
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