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  1. If its during daylight hours then a motorist should be able to see a cyclist no matter what they're wearing. If the motorist isn't looking then it doesn't matter what they're wearing or how many lights they've got on. If high viz worked then it'd mandated for all vehicles and drivers. This discussion is just about shifting responsibility away from the motorist.
  2. She was taking to task Johnson over his woeful handling of the Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe case. The express decides that the main story is the way Jo delivers her speech. My word they're a bad bunch.
  3. You'll need to ask at either the Claremont or Thornbury. You'll probably also need to ask whoever referred you for the NHS scan to re-refer you for a private scan. They may charge you for this.
  4. There's no Brexit dividend when the money we won't be paying is less than the reduced tax take due to the smaller post Brexit economy. No-one is seriously pretending that any form of Brexit isn't going to make us poorer.
  5. If a student pays 10% less than everyone else then everyone else pays 11.11% more than a student.
  6. It doesn't matter whether or not you feel sorry for them. The point is a company has decide to relocate some of its business overseas. Whatever the reason its not a good news story.
  7. Language changes all the time. "Personkind" is a bit clunky so likely won't catch on but i've no problem with the sentiment. Some people are just looking for something to get angry about.
  8. Brexit is becoming a bit like climate change. Just because its cold for a few days doesn't mean climate change is rubbish. The government's own analysis says that all regions and all sectors will fare worse under all forms of Brexit compared with staying in the EU. We'd be better off staying in the EU and revoking article 50 now.
  9. The Brexit impact statements have just been released with a helpful regional breakdown. Yearly reduction in growth for Yorkshire and Humber Single Market 1.5% Free Trade 5% No deal 7% I've little hope that we can change course now but it'd be nice if we can have a sensible discussion about impact rather than shooting the messenger.
  10. Cars are very 20th century and making them electric only solves the local air quality problem. The future is to design our cities and infra around either active travel or efficient public transport. Cars are just a poor way of getting people round a city and snarl up all other methods. They also make us fat and produce all the associated problems of inactivity and obesity. The sooner we get this as a society the better.
  11. Lights designed for offroad use could be pretty dazzling if aimed directly at a car. Most aren't nearly bright enough.
  12. I'm a Dr. If all you want to do is hear heart sounds then a cheap one off Amazon will do. If you want something reasonable then anything from Littman's should do the trick.
  13. Electric cars only reduce local air pollution. Eventually we may have enough renewable power to effectively reduce the carbon produced in both their use and production. We need to fundamentally rethink the way we choose to get around which needs to be either via public transport or under our own steam. Sheffield has done pretty poorly for the introduction of cycling infrastructure while other cities have forged ahead on this. However cars are powered there simply isnt enough road space to put all these private vehicles. Cycles use a fraction of the space while having the side effect of getting those who use them fitter and healthier.
  14. Sheffield just has too many cars and there's no political will to push people to use alternative means. While London is finally benefiting from investment in segregated cycling there appears little commitment to do the same In Sheffield. Parking on pavements is selfish and unacceptable. If you can't park without obstructing the road or pavement then go put it somewhere else or get rid of it.
  15. I'm an Anaesthetist and I can't answer your question. You'd need to approach one of the private clinics or GPs who offer the MOT service to find out what they include. You've probably had more investigations that for an MOT but I'd expect you'd get more extensive general lifestyle advice than you would at a pre-op assessment. I imagine they also do a fasting blood sugar and cholesterol but don't quote me on it.
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