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  1. dont know if this is same dog but there is an advert in new tesco on dykeshall road looking for a stray mongrel its called marmite will look later to see wat phone number is
  2. harold morton who lived up stannington and was once the steward of the la plata on walkley lane passed away a couple of years ago he had a son called tony and daughter called angela
  3. Got to be duggie wardle re teacher myers grove !
  4. tony morton used to live near my mother at stannington had a gym at walkley some years back his son got killed on stannington road years ago john henry i think last i heard of him he was living on a narrow boat but that was a while ago he has a sister called angela but not sure were she lives now
  5. i remember stan coles kept his dogs on allotment in darnall i went to hyde park with my brother in law philip sanderson trains at owlerton now i think havent spoke in 15 yrs once had to run out of hyde park put a ringer in for tony mckenna it won by 20yrds stood out a mile funny now but not at the time was only about 15 never even got a bet on it cant remember name of dog ! i got a whippet off bloke who used to grade dogs up there harvey it was called flapped it at barnsley track very good dog happy days !
  6. someone caught fire storing petrol in kitchen while warming their own pasty !
  7. my god no ones throttled jeremy kyle yet ill take that arrogant tw__ please !
  8. the guy on the one way system at malin bridge very good and reasonable cant remember his name sure someone on here will know !
  9. happy birthday to a living legend remember watching when he got beat tears in my eyes still the best in his prime
  10. i got £45 for a cat off a renault at emr attercliffe back last year they know all the prices seem pretty good
  11. are yu turning into a skunk noticed any nasty smells pmsl !
  12. try the one at malin bridge next to car pitch cant remember his name really good and reasonable or his father who now works round back of swan mortons hes in his seventies now but very good !
  13. is that the one who went to myers grove died on holme lane thought it was a david not sure many yrs ago 70s i think
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