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  1. is that true? I thought it would only be illegal if ridden on a road.
  2. All those fields of pumpkins grown for halloween and fields of xmas trees could be reforested (properly) and allowed to grow to mature, biodiverse environments that would be good for us all. I don't think you could ban them but you could certainly reduce their supply. Our xmas tree lives in a pot in our garden and has now provided us with xmas joy for 4 years.
  3. I've been cycling to work for the last 15 years and everyday it takes me less time than it would to drive. Thats a lot of saved time
  4. you've completely missed my point.
  5. Accusations of hypocrisy whether imagined or not (in this case based on no evidence) does not mean the argument is wrong. I could tell you that smoking is unhealthy and that you shouldn't do it whilst smoking a fag but it doesn't make my assertion false.
  6. you couldn't make it up. Hopefully to keep Penistone999 happy all the righty tree hating brexiteers will be charged and prosecuted
  7. so I say it again go down and influence them. If you believe something needs to change and think that ER are going the wrong way about it, go and talk to them. I'm not aware of any other group that are doing anything particularly. The students striking is certainly a good thing. I intend to go to one of the ER meetings. I think on the whole I agree that this morning's protest was not a great idea but I went anyway to see what might come of it. its quite hard to block a runway.
  8. Absolutely you should do that. This has to be about people talking to each other. If upsetting people like this protest has done gets them to come and talk about this subject then ER are onto something. Perhaps in doing that you would pass on valuable knowledge to others but also you may find that you could learn something as well. Follow them on twitter - go to a meeting, challenge them, its what we should all be doing. I doubt that the government are "working on it as much as it can". They are working on it as little as they can get away with and its not enough.
  9. so we should just give up then? or should we elect a government into power who can assert their influence on the global stage and get china/india and so on to agree to the cuts needed? Instead of just keeping the rich, rich and repressing the working classes?
  10. They aren't yet. with the right government, cycling to work could be incentivised, homeworking could be made possible for more. New houses could be carbon neutral. Infrastructure could be put in place for cycling/better public transport etc. whatever really. People may have been made angry but if they are talking about the issues then I think this morning's protest was beneficial. You don't know how its influenced people, nor do I (other than clearly some are very angry). I can't personally sit here any more and hope that someone else is going to sort all this out.
  11. For me personally, I don't want to spend my time sat in a car and take that as a significant consideration when choosing where I work and live. If people understood the severity of climate breakdown better then maybe they too would take that into consideration. If the idea that we must live within the boundaries of our planets resources became the common place way of thinking then perhaps society would change and we would no longer all drive everywhere. I agree with you: currently the car is king and that many people have to drive for work but that could change if the will was there.
  12. indeed so and I don't agree with that sentiment. I think the first one. I'm not here to defend ER - with whom I have little involvement currently. But I am here to say I agree wholeheartedly with what they are doing and that everyone (including me) needs to wake up to the reality of the situation.
  13. again this isn't about blame. This is about awareness. personally i wouldn't consider taking a job that was 1hr15 mins drive away, no. This person is not here to defend their reasons but to me it seems a waste of valuable life to sit in a car for 2.5+hrs a day.
  14. THe transport infrastucture and use of bikes definitely is a good example . I don't know why the netherlands CO2 is otherwise higher than the UKs.
  15. how do you suggest getting people to take onboard the message? Climate breakdown isn't some loony conspiracy theory. Its happening. I have never been a protester before but the severity of this situation is driving me to do something about it. And the demand to reduce carbon emissions to zero in 6 years is a crazy target, but that is not because ER are crazy it is because successive governments have not done enough to avert the mess we are in now.
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