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  1. We have 3 hybrid and 1 warren hens to rehome. The grey hybrids lay nice white eggs. They have been free range on about 2 acres of land. For this reason you will need to have enough space to keep these girls. They have to all go together, thank you ---------- Post added 27-02-2016 at 07:25 ---------- Re homed thank you
  2. Thanks for the pm Jon, sure I'll track him down soon just want the watch back Asap.
  3. Many thanks, definitely worth a knock on the door. Would be easier if he was a ltd company but sadly not. It's not the money it's the sentimental value of the piece that's a few hundred years old. Extremely disappointing as he came recommended.
  4. Does anyone have a residential address for this man. He has an old family watch he has been repairing for us. Having been to the shop it is now empty with no sign of him. We have already paid for the repair and its of great sentimental value. If anyone has any information please PM me as we just want our watch back, like I'm sure many other people. Many thanks.
  5. I am looking for some large conifer trees for some screening. If anyone has some they want rid of, I don't mind coming round and digging them out. Thanks
  6. I'm looking for some plant plugs to fill 6 hanging baskets, preferably trailing varieties of plants. Is anyone able to help?
  7. Im looking for some wood chippings if anyone can help? S6 area. Many thanks
  8. Looking for some 5ft+ conifer trees if anyone is clearing any out, don't mind digging them out, also looking for some black bamboo but think I may have found some decent plants locally.
  9. Hello, does anyone have any black bamboo plants they want to sell, or any root stock if they are thinning out a bamboo? Many thanks
  10. My brother is looking at getting a hawk, are there any local falconry experts that would be happy to do a bit of mentoring? Some field experience would be great. He's looking to do the lantra cert eventually. Hope someone can help. Many thanks
  11. I'm looking for someone to rebuild a 1600 air-cooled engine. I have a 1300 which I want to put 1600 barrels and pistons on. Have all the bits could do with someones help who will be a bit quicker at it than me. Cheers
  12. im asking if anyone is selling any or knows of anywhere I could get some, without spending a fortune at over priced garden centres. Not asking for free quite happy to pay. Many thanks
  13. My friend is after some winter flowering plants for some hanging baskets, pansies etc...... Thought I would ask on here, thank you
  14. Could anyone give some advice on the best PDQ Machine and tariff for taking card payments, for a small business. Many Thanks
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