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  1. If you can digest bull****....does that..........?:hihi:
  2. Looks like he has had a reputation for many years then?
  3. What an exceptional waste of police resources. Did the house belong to a copper?
  4. It is oe of my aoying habits you kow. Sometimes I miss lots of them!
  5. I hate it when people say that! You should NOT expect to get burgled under any circumstances.
  6. Aww my Gawd! Now someones attempting to turn it into a racist thread!...Nobody mention Bicycles...PLEASE!
  7. Please do not go! We all need someone to mock and ridicule sometimes!:roll:
  8. ON NO! It looks like this is going to turn into yet another God Botherers thread, despite my attempts to derail that happening.
  9. It is good that you fully realise that God is male and as such superior.
  10. Guantanamo only ever existed in peoples imaginations.
  11. I am actually in the dressing room and showered after the event, streets ahead as ever.
  12. I must say that I do not think that rape is evil.
  13. So , in your view, murder and rape are fine.
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