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  1. The owners of the carpark at 145 Bradfield Road in Hillsborough are: Birch Park Investments Limited 2nd Floor Parkgates, Bury New Road, Manchester, M25 0TL The letter I had in my evidence pack was signed by a David Reisner who was 'manager' of Birch Park. I CANNOT find a contact number for them anywhere. I too have been fighting a ticket I got in this car park, my final appeal has been rejected by POPLA following the long running beavis case. Stupidly I did not mention that I was shopping in the area as I thought that was implied! I simply overstayed due to having to wait for my son to return. Advice from Pepipoo has been to ignore any further letters, unless its a proper court letter as Highfield Parking generally don't go to court.
  2. I'll tell you what I know as I am looking to buy and have done a lot of research. They have a 500 yr flood analysis done and the risk of flooding is no more than any other area, huge efforts have gone into this and the lake is all part of the new system. It's a 20 yr development which will include further industry, more houses, shops and bars/restaurants in the long term. The plans for two primary schools have been cut to one now, once the number of residents hits a certain number, they will look to build. Valuation wise, yes you pay more for a new build, naturally, and yes it may devalue in the first few years due to this, but over time as with any house you will make your money back and some especially as the development continues They all come with 2 or 5 yr guarantee plus 10 NHBC too. The help to buy scheme is really helping grow the site. http://Www.helptobuy.org.uk The Waverley homes are eco homes which means solar etc which can massively reduce energy bills, plus they are all insulated and sound proofed which will help if HS2 kicks out some noise. This is a real value adder esp when it comes to re-sale. At present, schools would be in Brinsworth or Catcliffe, haven't looked at comps as my boy is only 1.
  3. I'm not condoning speeding, I'll accept whatever is coming to me as it's the law. But the road is straight, wide and it was the middle of the day with no cars around. Thanks for those who have tried to assist, to everyone else enjoy the rest of your perfect lives.
  4. Yeah I seem to remember that on mine too! I really need to slow down.
  5. Haha, people can take whatever ground they like, it's the Feds and my insurance company who I give a ****e about. No idea what got me actually, don't think there is a fixed cam there so possibly a van yeah. Probably the same one that sits on Halifax rd that did me last time!
  6. What am I looking at speed awareness course or fixed penalty notice (£60 and 3pts) or the dreaded 6pts ??? Anyone else been done there or at that speed?
  7. Cheers to all that replied. @cgksheff I did see that in the report, but I wasnt 100% it was referring to those actions required at the end of the report. So I thought I would check anyway. Doesnt seem like there is too much to worry about with this one. @Freudian Slap I am aware the accuracy of OFSTED can be shaky at best, hence why I went to see the nurseries first and spoke to other people I know that use the nurseries, but it does form part of the overall picture you build to assess the best option for your child. Thanks Again Martin
  8. Hi All, I have been to visit several nurseries around the S6 area and Beech Hill was the one that had the best feel for my partner and I. It seemed the most friendly, organised etc and all the kids looked happy and stimulated. So we started reading some of the OFSTED reports (yawn!) of the few that we liked the most, but on the one for Beech Hill there were some actions set down by OFSTED. As I am not a teacher or childcare worker, I'm not sure how much these points should worry us, or how seriously we should take the actions, so Im looking for a bit of interpretation from someone in the know. >>>> So the report (which was very good on the whole) read: The provider confirms that the requirements of the compulsory part of the childcare register are : NOT MET (with Actions) The provider confirms that the requirements of the voluntary part of the childcare register : NOT MET (with Actions) The registered provider does not meet the requirements of the compulsory and or voluntary part of the childcare register. To Comply with the requirements of the compulsory part of the childcare register, the registered person must : Take action as specified in the early years section of the report (suitability and safety of premises and equipment 30/11/2011 To Comply with the voluntary part....the regsitered person must: take action as specified in the child care register section of the report (arrangements of safeguarding children) 30/11/2011 >>>> Now im sure this probably sounds a lot worse than the language suggests, but anyone who can offer some clarification or interpretation would much appreciated. Cheers
  9. Hi, Im looking at going to Gran Canaria but I've never been before so Im looking for advice. It appeals because you can get some sunshine in sept/oct which is when I am looking at going. Would prefer not to be in the chavvy part if there is one, I don't mind staying somewhere a bit quieter as long as there are restaurants and a few bars. Basically me and the wife are 30 years old and we want a bit of sun and a few beers. Can any one offer any advice on the island or any resorts to look at or stay away from. Alos anything about the rest of the Canaries would be useful. Cheers Martin
  10. Yeah, welcome to <insert anywhere in Sheff>, the kids love the chronic and its so easy to get nowadays so it doesnt surprise me at all. What does suprise me is how openly people smoke spliffs now, used to be taboo but kids obviously aren't bothered about the repurcussions.
  11. I broadly agree with this fella (MOKE). I live and work around Hillsborough and have done for the last 5 years and I don't really have any problems, never been robbed, threatened, been a victim of crime etc. I think the local facilities are excellent such as butchers (at least 4), grocers (at least 2) fishmongers, newsagents, computer games/dvds etc, plus a couple of supermarkets within 10 mins walk either way (not sure we need anymore). Plus sports (Rugby League / Football / Hillsborough Park ) is fanstastic. During the day yes there are unemployed, retired, disabled, slightly scummy people walking about but that's because everyone else is at work so that is who's left. Its not like that in the evening or at weekends so much. The pubs could be better but if you're after a quick pint at lunchtime or before you start your night out they are absolutely fine and I've never had any trouble at all. The Rawson Spring is a decent pub and has a good range of beers. Overall Hillsborough is good value for money, house prices are much better than elsewhere and the transport links are great as well the shops. Stop your whinging people!
  12. Think about it, millions (if not billions) of Windows users, and Microsoft are ringing them all individually at half hour at a time? Massive con, been on telly like Watchdog etc already. Just put the phone down. They are allowed to do it, even to people on the telephone preference service because they are not based in the UK. Rubbish!
  13. You can try Mr Clutch on Penistone Road, they have serviced mine a couple of times. But I have a VW now so I use Nick Thompson behind Hillsborough Gym.
  14. Thanks to all that replied. I rang SHILO (first post) and they are happy to take the lot of my hands so I'm meeting them tomorrow. Thanks again people of Sheffield. Martin
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