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  1. What are the roads like at Firth Park this morning?
  2. I bought a fire stick and it worked ok watched acouple of movies but now iv no sound. TV not on mute. Any ideas?
  3. Give Dave a ring from DJF Roofing he did mine last year very reasonable price and made a really good job his no is 07564488984
  4. Just been to asda and some one that works there has told us its been turned down because the tank have to be berried that far in to ground they would come level with the store and car park and its to dangerous
  5. I had a decent roofer last time we had storms, his name is Dave from DJF Roofing he did mine and few other on our road his no is 07564488984 if this helps anyone
  6. If its a roofer you need give Dave from DJF Roofing a ring hes been to look at mine, made a good job and reasonable priced his no is 07564488984
  7. I can recommend Dave from DJF Roofing, i has some silly quotes telling me i needed all sorts done, Dave came round has a good look and did the job at a very reasonable price. His no is 07564488984
  8. just bought a electric cigarette and used it twice and been sick both times wot am i doing wrong
  9. Ring Dave at DJF Roofing he did mine this weekend after the storm. made a good job his no is07564488984
  10. Ring David from DJF Roofing he has just done my roof and made a really good job at a very good price his no is 07564488984
  11. Ring David from JDF Roofing did mine last year made a really good job and a reasonable price his no is 07564488984
  12. We flew from Manchester a couple of years ago cost £110.00 for both of us return with baby bmi
  13. Give Steve from Oscars a ring he has done all mine and a lot for family and friends they have all had him back, does a really good job and reasonable prices. his no is 07538367147
  14. Hi can anyone tell me what bus i need to catch from sheffield city centre to greenhill and where to catch it, route planner not working on website Thanks
  15. Me and my partner need a night away from the kids, can anyone recommend a nice hotel not to far away perhaps in derbyshire
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