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  1. My bus to work was disrupted by this the other night, get the 75 from Woodseats yet the bus only went as far as town and not onto the other side of Sheffield. Are they allowed to do this when it's timetabled and some of us use their service on the assumption the honour their timetable?
  2. Inflation is going up but pay isn't to tie in with it. Everyone is struggling but family is number 1 Good on you for working hard for your loved ones, i'm lucky to have any money at 18 even though I work enough. Money is tight these days i suppose
  3. Erm last night at 3 int morning ring a bell. These threads get a bit tedious ffs.
  4. So you can set up a fan page for lets say 'Tom Cruise' but not someone who isn't in the public eye? It's plain to see this isn't a page mocking them, take off the 'Moral spectacles'
  5. There was nothing wrong with the Diamond kit...
  6. I go all the time, it's a horrible place full of horrible people. Bridewell is pretty horrible too
  7. They don't compete with 75/76 as they don't go through Woodseats therefore missing out on alot of potential money
  8. But my post on it being busy from Oct - Christmas does.....
  9. It's been fully booked up from the beggining of October till past Christmas. Trust me, I've tried to get a room there!!
  10. Political wards have no bearing on the area. Hillsborough football ground is in the parliamentary ward of Hillsborough, but it's actually in Owlerton. You'll be in Nether Edge.
  11. LOL, i've missed ONE United match this season and been to 6 Club matches up to now. I am a BLADE, we're all SHEFFIELD whether it's 1 or 100 matches a season
  12. Sheffield FC could possibly be going to Carlisle, what a tie!! I'm off to Tipton later on this week too. SHEFFIELD
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