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  1. i have got tiscali broadband, i have got avg free edition running on my computer, it can take minutes to change a page or go to another site, but if i set avg to do a computer virus scan then the page or another site will load up instant, but as soon as the scan stops the comp slows down again. anyone got any ideas please.
  2. i went to Bents green school, left around 1977, the headmaster was mr Bailey, i was a resident there for about 3 years, jsut hated the early morning walks come rain or shine.
  3. looking for an old mate, aint seen him for bout 30 years, think i once heard he has a garage somewhere in town, nice to hear from him , n catch up on the years, oh my name, g mitchell, hope t hear from ya mate.
  4. looking for neil grain old school pal from around 1977, god that makes me feel old, neil used to live on eastbank road if my memory serves me right, or any of u guys who went to bents green school in the mid seventies, be good t meet up n catch up after all this time, ho my name g mitchell by the way. pm me n il get back to ya.
  5. well im 43 if thats young?, but remember it like it wos yesterday, n can remember the stamping feet thing. much of my family lived down attercliffe, as they did in those days, i used to live on clay street, but cant remember the school i used to go to, wos only on the next road, any ideas ?
  6. no i used to poke the pitch out , usually with a lolly stick, often got a clip when i got home for getting it in my hands n clothes. also went to the pavillion, think it cost a shilling if my memory serves me right, i took my kids last week and it cost me £18 for the three of us,thats inflation for ya.
  7. looking for school friends from bentsgreen school around mid seventies, be nice to catch up with some of u guys, may know me better as mitch.
  8. i can remember moving to birley when i wos about 9, n same as u Lesleyann we hade our first garden n bathroom, thought i had moved to the other side of the world cos not ventured very far from attercliffe before, and at that time the owlthorpe and crystal peaks estate had not been built, so it wos all fields n farms.
  9. hi peolple, i used to live in clay street, mitchell family, cant remember which school i went to but was over the back from our house, can remember it well cos i used to climb over peoples back yard walls to get home didnt like school when i was a nipper,just trying t track down old mates, can remember my very first girlfriend, think i wos about 8 years old, called her karen rodgers, remember like it wos testerday.
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