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  1. Hey Derbytup! I am glad to promote azaads, as everytime time I and the family have gone down, We've always had spot on service and food, and trust me, I've tried all the "big named" restaurants, and azaads is the one that never dissapoints me. Mohammad who owns it, works their full time aswell, so always make sure we're getting the best service, and after a year of going, standards havent dropped!! Try it, and you will realise why I continue to write reviews for them. Adam
  2. I didnt manage to see the reviews of this place since i opened the thread, but great to see azaads has picked up! I went again last nite with the family, again food and service spot on! thanks again azad! I'l be in next week with the in laws! (who are major food critics lol) i'l get them to put your food on test aswell :-) Adam. p.s excellent website!
  3. try Azaads - its on woodbourn road - attircliffe/darnal area - amazing food and prices are cheap aswell! great place
  4. Its around £7 per head, and yes it does a buffet option every night. adam
  5. thanks kibi, already tried this place, looks like you'v had the same experience as us...anyways me and the missus are a regular now! love this place, food is quality!
  6. try Azaads - darnall, sheffield - its a new indian buffet restaurant. decent food.
  7. hey people! im thinking of booking at table for a group meeting... whos in??
  8. hey alistair, i did ask azad about his past restaurants and takeaways, and he owns the indian chef franchise. the closest one to us will be indian chef in dinnington, sheffield. hes been in the business for around 40 years, so he defo knows how to cook his curry! the main thing i like about his food, is that he puts the home cooking feeling into it! it takesaway the fast food takeaway rushed taste you have to indian currys today (hope you get what i mean lol, rubbish at explaining stuff) adam
  9. recently been to AZAADS on woodbourn road in darnall, buffet style kashmiri restaurant, loved the food! try it
  10. hey people! as its close to me, i went back there again today for a business lunch with a few work colleages....they were serving the buffet £5 per head! its cheaper in day than night. food again was top notch! i asked the owner , and yes it used to be a place called "kamaals" before. and i did ask about their website, and they said that it will be up soon, but they said they were on google maps found the link for you... (which i cant seem to post) put if you type in AZAADS -SHEFFIELD. it comes up straight away they serve buffet every day 11am till 11pm and you have also the option to order off menu. and i think theyre shut around 3-5pm for preparation time. im liking this foodie meet idea, maybe we could try other new places too! im always up for trying to new places :-) adam
  11. Hey people! Well not so long ago i put a post out, to see if anyone tried the new restaurant opened, - Azaad’s on Woodbourne road, darnall. But now1’s replied. So i thought what the heck, lets give it a try! Me and the missus always eager to try new curry places and to be honest places in Sheffield don’t blow me away! We normally travel to places like mumtaz and akbars in Bradford, or the other akbars in Rotherham...but to be honest, even then I think I’m paying more for the service and the actual enjoyment of the food! We’ve tried mangla on spital hill, not so long ago, which was good, agrars, good service, but to be honest the food wasn’t that great, although our family friends seemed to enjoy it...but I guess I’m hard to please! Rite...so back to Azaad’s, so me and other half went down last Thursday, first view... very welcoming place, everything looks nice and cosy, we had a choice of ordering off the menu or choose for the buffet option...since we were too spoilt for choice, we ended up opting for the buffet option. We got a sizzling mix grill for starters, and there was a large selection from the buffet, e.g lamb bhuna, veg curry, ch biryani, channa masalaa, naans etc etc. After trying their food, honestly it felt like I was eating at home! I’ve been to a lot of “kashmiri Indian” style restaurants hoping for the actually kashmiri home cooked style food, and after so many flops! I now can say have found the place! Everything was spot on from the service to the food. Just to top it all off we had the ice- managed to meet the man who owns the place – mohammad azaad, very nice chap, who calls himself the expert in kashmiri food! And after tasting his food, thumbs up to him! When it came to the bill, it came to something around £18! So price wasn’t an issue at all! We definitely will be visiting this place again! And Any of you curry lovers! Give this place a try.
  12. hey people! has anyone tried this new place yet? (google - Azaad's Woodbourn Road, Sheffield S93LQ 0114 243 4406‎) it opened on sunday, thinking of taking the family down,just wondering if anyone has been down... is it just buffet? or can you also order off menu? thanks adam
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