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  1. What is the difference? Is it seperate strands of the same religion ala Catholicism and Protestantism or is it to do with race or class??
  2. How can the police get away with passing their costs on to us motorists? I was recently involved in an incident where a man walked out right in front of my car, and even though i slammed on i hit him. He had to go to hospital and the police took my car for forensic tests on the brakes and tyres. I was told the fault lay completely with the guy, my car was fine and i could pick it up. I rang the number i was given straight away and was told i have to pay £150 to get it back! Im the innocent party and i dont see how they can make me foot the bill for the police doing tests on my car. i would understand if any of it was my fault but its not. has anyone had any experience of this and is it even legal??
  3. No matter what you presume about the mum nobody knows the details of the accident. She has been through a terrible couple of days, that as a parent, you would never want to go through. Show some respect please and keep unwarrented attacks about parenting out of this thread. She needs sympathy and support. I hope he gets better soon and makes a full recovery.
  4. I tried that but it ran the wrong way! It was originally only in chesterfield
  5. That might work if I can lend your blobby costume..
  6. We have got a new sofa waiting for us in Herefordshire but no way of getting it! What's the best/cheapest way to get it to Sheffield?
  7. i just wanted a suit to keep really, sentimental reasons..
  8. £400 could be do-able, but off the hanger and getting it altered isnt an option. I have a 10" difference and off the hanger suits are 6". I had a designer suit altered for my sisters wedding but im top heavy and the trousers were like mc hammer pants on me! Esme, thanks for the link, think i have some research to do, and this is just my suit.. Now where can i hire a lotus elise from
  9. Cheers will take a trip up there next week.
  10. around the corner from my house, think i will pop in! thanks
  11. I cant really get a suit from the hanger unless its from a high st shop because of the sizes so need to get a suit made. not a clue on prices or where to go, anybody got any ideas? its for my wedding so help is really appreciated.
  12. thanks for all the advice. think for finance reasons we are going to do it in this country and just have a small ceremony but a big evening do when we come back from the honeymoon..
  13. Canon mp630 is the best you can get, only one better is the mp610 if you can get hold of one.
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