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  1. genetically modified flour is the problem.
  2. Mike maybe you knew my brother Charlie Holden?
  3. I'll probably buy an electric car. Waiting for the Audi E Tron GT Sport.
  4. He's not from Hawaii: Tomatoes $2.99 each Avocado's $3.99 each
  5. Life lesson: Never ever believe what your Chinese guide tells you. 😀
  6. Its the Bund in Shanghai. 20 years ago it was farmland.
  7. I did mine from Canada, took no longer than three weeks.
  8. The average pay for wait staff in the USA is a little over $2 per hour, do the maths. Without tipping they would receive a paltry $80 per 40 hour week. Also take into consideration, health benefits will not be paid by the employer. I tip more in the States than I do in Canada where the minimum wage is in British Columbia $11.40
  9. I see I'm on there. Twice. Did you go to Ecco comp ?
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