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  1. About 6 months ago, I passed my old car on to my daughter. I filled in the log book and sent it off to the DVLA. Because I wasn't near a PO I foolishly didn't use recorded delivery. As far as I was aware that was the end of my interest in the vehicle About two months ago I was issued with a fixed penalty For the vehicle not being insured. I took a Photostat of my daughters insurance cert and posted it back to the DVLA. I have just received a letter from them, confirming that I am being fined for not ensuring that the car was insured. At no time as the car not covered, including Car tax , MOT and insurance. How can this fine stand? Help me please
  2. I've just seen the word "Scrawming" in an old book from 1942 ish. I've not heard that word for years.
  3. I went with my wife and our son. I just remember being offended by his swearing. How things change...
  4. I paid on a debit card. The day after we putit on there was water in the bottom of the fridge we defrosted it and started again. We got the same result. When we reported it we were told to try different things by the shop. After doing so I insisted that it was checked . They gave me the number of the manufacturer which I phoned for two days before going back to them I then contacted the shop and asked them to arrange the visit which they did. The engineer came and checked it and found the fault which was there from the start I believed that maybe it was something we were doing wrong with the fridge /freezer and as soon as I knew different I contacted the shop. I think I have been very resonable in my actions. The appliance was faulty from the start
  5. Does the fact that I reported the fault almost immediately and that it has taken them until now to accept the fault make the difference?
  6. To revive thisTopic. Can anyone give me the relevant.clause to quote about rejecting a faulty fridge freezer. I bought it new 6 weeks ago and after complaining since I bought it I have just had their engineer out to tell me it is faulty. The manager is saying that I cannot reject it because I have had it for more than 28 days.
  7. We used to get a caller who would knock on the door and shout "United Friendly" He collected for an endowment policy. My little sister would announce "The nice and friendly man is here Mum"
  8. :D Well Medusa, I,d like to taste your plastering. Did you use proper marzipan and did you put anyones name on it. I know how to put an Elastoplast on so if you know anybody who wants their tonsils taking out give me a shout.
  9. pure finder - Wiktionary en.wiktionary.org/wiki/pure_finder 02/07/2011 · Someone who collected dog faeces for sale to tanneries (which used it as a siccative for bookbinding leather). Undertaken by old women in Britain in the Hope this helps..
  10. I saw it in the book I have just read. The homeless in London in the 19th century used to collect dog poo for the people who used leather for shoes and bookbinding. They would make a fortune on some estates nowadays.
  11. OK, without Googling it can anyone tell me what Pure Finders do for a living?
  12. Dirty Dots' appearing on Windows. Sound like a trailer for a porn film
  13. For me the question is about trust and it is understandable that you should be wary of untested builders . The simple way to cover yourself is to pay for the material direct. Most merchants will accept a cheque on delivery.
  14. In the60s the Gun and Baggin in Dalton used to take dozens of buses on the day trip to Cleethorpes. On one trip, about 5 o clock and after a good days' drinking, a couple of the local likely lads were walking along the beach towards the buses when they came across one of their pals,a little worse for wear. They asked which bus he was on and after getting no sense out of him decided to take him onto their own bus to make sure he got home He slept in a drunken state and woke up as the coach was coming down Whinney Hill in Thryberg "Where am I " he asked . When they told him how they had helped him he said " That's OK but I was in Cleethorpes with the wife and kids for the week".:confused:
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