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  1. Hi where is the best place around hillsborough for nail extensions or does anyone know a mobile technician that would come to deepcar???
  2. Looking for an allotment in the deepcar area
  3. Hi does anyone have a kitten, free, loving home waiting
  4. Does anyone know of anyone who can alter a prom dress by next thursday 11/07
  5. Just wanted to say,beware of buyin faulty goods on forum,i was conned yesterday by buyin a mobile phone which looked great and appeared workin fine until i got home to find damage unseen,which had been done by the seller.Maybe i wont be as trusting and naive next time!
  6. Reason for Rehome / Sale house move cant take dog Time Scale – How Urgent? Within 2 weeks Sale Amount 0 Has the Dog been in Rescue no Location Walkley Age & Sex female aged 13 Breed/ Mix collie/labrador KC Registered no Approximate size medium Exercise Needed frequent short walks Neutered & Micro chipped no Vaccinated & Wormed yes Live in / out live in Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals lived with cats Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues shes old usual ailments Temperament excellent Good or Bad with Children brilliant with children Dislike of Men or Women none OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals yes Travel OK in Car yes Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time yes Destructive Behaviour no Barks if anyone knocks on door Pull on the lead no Crate trained no Housetrained yes General Information you can share about the Dog. lovely loyal member of family,she is old and needs love and care
  7. We have a 13 year old collie cross labrador who we need to rehome urgently.We have to move out of our property into somwhere we cannot take her. Although she has become a member of the family it is heartbreaking that we have to do this and need someone who could love her as much as we do. She is friendly with everyone,children especially.She is alright with other dogs and has lived with many cats and is fine. She is a lot slower on her feet as he age will tell but still has plenty of life left in her.She is fine left alone but does need short frequent walks rather than long ones as her age would show. We would love someone who could take her and love her like we have.If you are interested or know someone who is please feel free to pm me to discuss this further. Thankyou
  8. hi im looking for a venue to hold a joint 21st/50th party, i have my own food and entertainment just need the venue. must have a bar and preferably as late as poss and ideas anyone?
  9. Get a grip lol thats most teenagers in uk you just described,like that everywhere not just at this school!
  10. thanx mike and rosy il take that onboard.
  11. Is it legal to burn fires on allotments during the daytime? I live a dozen houses awa from some gardening allotments and theres fires burning all afternoon and the smoke is hurrendous is this legal? Anyone know?
  13. its not all bus drivers! some i agree but most drivers are just trying to earn a living and have to put up with some right abuse from passengers so im not suprised some are grumpy!!
  14. hello can you tell me what this entails as i am very interested
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