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  1. Has anyone had any problems with a Vaillant central heating boiler installed on their property?
  2. Adjacent to Grenoside/Skew Hill crematorium are four tall aerial type masts, three being identical, the fourth being different. Has anyone got any idea what they are for, and who owns/operates them, etc.?
  3. I have a quantity of Mercury which has lain hidden the far dark corners of my garage for the thirty-ish years that I have lived at my present address. Does anyone know where I can safely and legally dispose of the stuff, please?
  4. Neighbours cats frequently haunt my garden, leaving calling cards all over the place. But what really grips me is that the gits are forever trying to catch the birds in the garden. My wife and myself love the birds, and do a great deal to make sure that they are well fed and watered, especially with winter looming. But the bloody cats are scaring the birds away. Does anyone know of an effective way of detering the rotten moggies from infesting my garden, please?
  5. The aforementioned aircraft has just flown across the middle of town, and up over Crookes heading north west. F/R 24 says it was flying at 1,860 feet, and it looked magnificent, and the 4 Merlins as ever roaring away! I detest gardening, but I'm glad I was coerced into it today. Anyone else see it? Fabulous sight!
  6. Can anyone tell me where I can get a genuine valuation on a painting please? Thank you.
  7. alarmingmark, being a total neddy, and not having a clue what I (or you) are on about, I am unfortunately unable to answer your query, but thank you for looking. Pyro, thanks to you also, I shall try and get in to my local branch for a look-see.
  8. With the imminent unfortunate demise of Maplins, does anyone know where miniature covert surveillance cameras can be purchased in the city, or any reputable suppliers of such on line, please? Thank you.
  9. The dual carriageway that runs up to University roundabout was, at the planning stage, intended to go underground with the tram tracks as they are now, but the idea was scrapped as too costly. What cost now? Rarely, if ever, do these things become cheaper as time passes. 20/20 Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  10. Sheffield City Council has for years been famously and doggedly anti-car. They have never sought to make anything easier for car users in the city, instead constantly putting in place obstacles, in the shape of bad junctions, and roundabouts, (the University roundabout at the top of Brook Hill is a classic) which create massive queues and hold-ups. Of course, along with these queues and hold-ups, apart from the financial cost and frustration to everyone suffering them every day, comes massive pollution! What a surprise! So, through their arrogance and pig headedness in years gone by, successive councils (not wishing to add the political perspective into this, but if the cap fits, etc. etc. usually Labour) have slowly helped the city to choke itself with traffic, and choke the public with the resultant pollution! P.S. In answer to the original post -'How do Sheffield road planners get it so wrong? The answer is, 'They've had years of practise!'
  11. Thanks for all your input, guys.Much appreciated!
  12. Thank you for that info, Duffems, and also your P.M. Most helpful.
  13. Thanks for the info, guys. Area 51, am I to assume from your reply that Kings Lynn and Norwich are now bypassed?
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