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  1. Just took sons car to pentagon for service. got a call Saying engine management light on do I want to pay to put it on computer , Wasn’t on when car was dropped off ? What do I do ?
  2. Hi no good for my tank but will ask my son .. what you wanting for it and how big ?
  3. As anyone any cichlids for sale .. Yellow labs ... red jewel ect Thanks
  4. Does anyone no what Tesco is like to work for .. and what they pay ...
  5. sorry to hear your news thinking of you all xxx i remember meeting blade when i hired your caravan. he was a lovely lad he will never be forgotten xxx r.i.p blade
  6. no longer needed thanks for replys
  7. Does anyone no how to mend my dsi xl Works when it wants to . Both screens keep going white .
  8. He defo not died i no his family x ---------- Post added 10-12-2013 at 22:07 ---------- He as defo not died i no this family They dont need all this speculation. He in intensive care and i hope he makes a Full recovery x
  9. Heard he in a bad way and in intensive care . So Thoughts go to his family and hope he makes a full Recovery x
  10. People for places do a young persons thing check we them
  11. it crap we had same happen went to asda we 9years no claims stayed we them a few year then left we 5 years no claims , when i rang to complain wa told should have kept old insurance policys as proof , because no matter how many you start with you leave with what ever the company reconise when you leave , most companys do same now
  12. if you got a makro card give them a ring they was expecting some today .
  13. does anyone no where i can get mine repaired it just stopped working , all it does is when you plug charger in the charge light blinks orange then goes of.
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