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  1. we are a sunday league side that needs players we play in the championship of the imperial division
  2. im 21 and play up front or on wing and looking to play saturday or sunday league
  3. I'll be intrested in playing m8 I play midfield or upfront
  4. reason change in circumstances Time Scale – asap Sale Amount - 120 Has the Dog been in Rescue-no Location -norfolk park s2 Age & Sex 6mnth female Breed/ Mix staffordshire bull KC Registered no Approximate size chunky Exercise Needed 2 a day Neutered & Micro chipped no Vaccinated & Wormed- wormed Live in / out -either Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals -yes Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues -no Temperament very friendly Good or Bad with Children -fantastic Dislike of Men or Women no Travel OK in Car yes Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time yes quite long periods Destructive Behaviour- teething Barks when protecting Pull on the lead a bit Crate trained no Housetrained yes an amazing dog that deserves a better home no timewasters 0114 4180041
  5. Reason for Rehome / Sale: doesnt get on with rabbit and no room to keep another hutch Sale Amount: £10 Location: S2 Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? NO Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting?: Most of the time Age & Sex: male 4 months Breed/ Mix: albino Colour/coat type: off white shorthair Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching?: unsure Live in / out: out Neutered/spayed: NO Chipped: NO Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues: NO Temperament: Jumpy until he gets used to you Vaccinated & Wormed: wormed Any special knowledge needed : no no hutch but cmes with plenty of food NO timewasters only genuine interest only please pm or telephone or txt 07501412168
  6. Reason for Rehome / Sale Time Scale – asap Sale Amount......250 Has the Dog been in Rescue......no Location.......s3 sheffield Age & Sex......male 9months Breed/ Mix ........staffordshire bull KC Registered..... no papers but u can see he pedigree Approximate size...3 stone Exercise Needed........2 gud walks a day Neutered & Micro chipped... not neutered but microchipped Vaccinated & Wormed.... yes Live in / out.........he lives in Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals....... no but has been exposed Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues......... none what so ever Temperament........... fantastic Good or Bad with Children.........fantastic Dislike of Men or Women..........no dislike OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals.......scared of cats lol...fine with dogs Travel OK in Car.....yes Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time ..........several hrs Destructive Behaviour........ no Barks...... no Pull on the lead...... at first Crate trained ......... yes Housetrained.........fully i am very very reluctant to sell this amazing well behaved staffy he is my best friend but i can no longer give him the time he deserves. he is a BIG male hwever he is a big teddy and absolutely adores children any one who comes t c him will love him he is brindle and has not been neutered have a bitch lined up if interested in breeding please fone on 07426794140
  7. Reason for Rehome / Sale... MOVING HOME Time Scale – ASAP URGENT Sale Amount......£120 OVNO Location...... SHEFFIELD CITY CENTRE..... S3 Age & Sex.... 2x 9MONTH OLD FEMALE Breed/ Mix....LEOPARD GECKOS Approximate size now and full grown size.........ONE FULL GROWN AND ONE STILL CATCHING UP Viv size needed....... SUPPLIED Temperament/Any handling issues...... LARGER ONE LIKES BEING HANDLED SMALLER ONE NEEDS MORE TIME Beginners reptile, moderate or experienced only... ANY EXPERIENCE Easy to feed....... VERY Live/dead food.... LIVE CRICKETS/ MEALWORM These are great pets for adults and children great as a first pet and are interesting to learn about and watch comes with everything they should need.
  8. in fact know it all i have just been layed off like thousands of other people and so if you are willing t give it out mate find out facts instead of puttin people dwn end of the day hn if i had my way i wud be working and i have paid enuff taxes myself so u can get dwn of your high horse
  9. you know wot nd of the day i came on here for a bit of help from people willing to help not from peole who like to cast judgements on other people no wonder people complain about this site end of the day its here to help not belittle peopl
  10. i am wantingfour bed in norfolk park and have submitted a letter fom my gp explaining i am preg with my 4th chld and my oldest has adhd and autism
  11. hi i am urgently needing to move and i have been given 60 points with places for people does any one know how th points system with them works and how long i roughly could be waiting thanks in advance
  12. Reason for Rehome / Sale -jealousy of older pup Time Scale – How Urgent?-asap Sale Amount-£200 Has the Dog been in Rescue - no Location - sheffield Age & Sex - 10 weeks female Breed/ Mix - staffordshire bull terrier KC Registered -no Approximate size - small Exercise Needed- walk 3 times a day Neutered & Micro chipped- not neutered -discuss microchip with prospective owner Vaccinated & Wormed - to be discussed with prospective owner Live in / out - both Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals - yyes but gets jealous but not aggressive Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues - no Temperament- needs plenty of attention Good or Bad with Children -fantastic with kids Dislike of Men or Women -neither OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals- jealous of other animals but not aggressive Travel OK in Car - never really tried Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time- not yet too young Destructive Behaviour - she needs plenty to chew as is teething Barks -when playing Pull on the lead -no Crate trained - yes Housetrained - nearly fully there odd accident General Information you can share about the Dog. hi there i have a 10 week old pup staffy brindle bitch for sale for £200. i am selling her due to jealousy with my older staffy pup has been wormed and flead fantastic with children but does get jealous of other pets so will need to be on her own VERY loving would make a fantastic dog for anyone please contact me for more info is registered at my local vets more info to genuine callers 0114 2769179
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