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  1. I have used Ian many times in the past. He should be able to suss this kind of problem.
  2. We have had a couple of Corsa's and no trouble at all. Anyone can repair them and parts are plentiful even from the breakers. Our first was the 1.o litre. The most thirstiest car we have ever had. Now a 1.3 litre ecoflex 90bhp diesel. The most fuel effiecent car we have ever had. 48mpg knocking about and 64mpg on the motorway, best so far 74 mpg. Got loads of pull and safe on the motorway.
  3. No not that one either. Enjoyed the video though.
  4. No, not that one, the one I am after is a bit more sleazier imo. Hence the pole dancer.
  5. Well seeing as I never listen to a radio I would not know. It is played on the radio in a pub I frequent about 5pm-ish
  6. No it is not that one. a bit slower and something you can imagine a pole dancer dancing to?
  7. I have heard a song being played on Hallam FM a few times but only once did they mention the name of the song which I think is called Tonight and is sung by a female. Bit of a long shot with it being a think but any ideas anyone and where to hear it as a download?
  8. Have you ordered anything over the phone? It is surprising how we are prepared to give a total stranger our details over the phone even though it is a legitimate business the employee on the phone could easily copy your details.
  9. This is what they was saying in the late 70's early 80's with the introduction of computerisation. In a way it is true, no more typist pools and look how it has simplified accounts. On the other hand bricklayers and plasterers still graft but their labourers seem to be missing? Lets face it though, compared to 30+ years ago, goods like tv's and cars have become cheaper and it is now a throw away society. Goods are also better made and easily available via the net and couriers. It is the low educated what is going to suffer but there again benefits have never been so good? So are we really worse off? In fact some workers are worse off than the unemployed. Enter Chem1st
  10. Be carefull here. As I understand it you can take the asbestos to a local dumpit site by arrangement but you the owner has to take it personally. You may be able to get someone to take you in their car or estate as vans cannot get on dumpit sites anymore. As for someone else taking it away for you then see if they have a waste carriers licence. Even then disposing of it is a problem, it may well finish up in a ditch.
  11. Found the application form for the dropped kerb and a list of contractors. Can't see a problem there. Need to know if there is any criteria regarding water drainage off the driveway onto a public path or road. I have emailed the Council planning Dept for advice.
  12. I currently have a drive and front lawn. I am planning to take up the lawn and driveway and block pave the whole front. I also want to have the kerb dropped. Is there any regulations I have to meet concerning the block paving regarding the dropped kerb? I heard somewhere recently that the paving now has to be porous rather than direct water into a road drain.
  13. You will know Miss Brown, Miss Peurus and Sister Margeret then? Got the cane off Miss Brown and sister Margeret and lost a nail to Miss Peurus. Glad to leave the place.
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