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  1. re: the pain the pain is said to be like having a tattoo and i am having it done for personal reasons its none of your business what i do to my body. and as for regteting it in later life well only time can tell, but personaly i dont thnk i will i have given this a lot of thinking over.
  2. hi im looking for some where that does scarification in sheffield im not wantinng a big peace just a cross on the nape of my neck, any ideas where to go and how much im going to be paying
  3. wheres the best place to eat on london road there is loads but wich is the best
  4. Im only 19 and I know all of these sayings I do live in the north of sheffield in a village that has a lot of old people so I think thats why. What about the most simple one Ayup mucca
  5. the wharncliffe arms is wanting to start a knitting group, the pub is a quite local pub with a open fire burning but be careful not to set your wool on fire ha ha for more information please call (0114) 286 4004
  6. the wharncliffe arms is a walkers sort of pub, the pub has a open fire burning every day and has a warm and friendly staff. the wharncliffe arms has maps of walks for you behind the bar for you to take free of charge and offers free flask filling. for large groups free sandwiches. (for large groups please phone up in advance so i can make the sandwiches up) we offer a food menu with fresh home made pizzs staring at £3.50 the pub is idealy situated just on the edge of the peak district there are many walks many diffrent skill levels, from a family walk in glen hoew park to the more difficult E.G walking to bradfield for more information call us on (0114) 286 4004
  7. the wharncliffe arms at wharncliffe side is offering you a chance to come and have a drink in our pub and fishing at the bottom of the car park. we are situated on the river don and we are alsonear many great fishing places such as the dams up the road, all you need to bring is your fishing pole and your licence, sandwiches and flask filling will be provided, get in contact on (0114) 286 4004
  8. we have the lounge lizzard yes but we want to try some thing differant jut to keep it fresh. we want the 19th because its some ones birthday aswell. thanks
  9. we are looking for a singer/ entertainer that will keep the people in the pub we have a full karaoke system that dose all the songs and every thing just search lounge lizard on google. it is mainly just to fill in from the karaoke or if you want you can do a set and then just pass it on to the customer's its up to you.
  10. if any one knows or are a pub turn and is free on the the 19th of july and want to do a gig in a pub please email me on jacksmith10@gmail.com
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