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  1. Yes,but, as I have said,they pass you on to Chelmsford branch. I have an E-mail informing me that all enquiries about this problem are dealt with at Chelmsford not at Sheffield. I can't help but feel that things are being swept under the carpet. I wouldn't buy a Ford car today without checking it by Registration number on the Govuk website.
  2. Because I am profoundly deaf and cannot use a phone. I am also 84 years old and don't fancy travelling to Chelmsford where these recalls are dealt with. I have "Chatted" twice with the dealer and have actually had contact with a person at Chelmsford, but suddenly the person has disappeared and refuses to deal with the problem. The last contact I had(last week) informed me that the person was going on holiday and would not be answering e-mails until 8th. AUGUST 2018(2 months ago). Since that no e-mails have been answered. I have looked at Etis as mafya suggested and sure enough,my car is there. This is a Clutch plate problem that cracks. I have actually found cars for sale in local dealer websites that have Safety Recalls on them. There is much information on Google ,but their instruction to see the local dealer is useless. Incidently there has been mention of these Ford problems on Look North,but a different problem,the Cylinder Head cracking and fire. I just thought other Ford Car owners might have had similar difficulties with the dealer.
  3. Has anyone become aware of Ford Focus and Ford Fiestas cars having outstanding Safety Recalls with several dangerous faults. See Gov.uk website.anyone who has a car that has an oustanding Recall is advised to get in touch with their local Ford dealer to have the fault dealt with at Ford's expense. I tried to do this and found that the dealer ignored my e-mails and would not give me any infomation whether the car is usable or is it dangerous. Anyone had the problem?
  4. Found out by accident that many Postage charges went up on the 29th. March 2016. Postage stamps, parcel charges, and letter charges included. This was a total surprise to me. Customers in the Post Office were bewildered. I never saw any advance notifications of the increases. Did you ?? Stealthy !!!
  5. No, haven't sent any letters yet. It was only suggested yesterday. I don't think trying to annoy this Landlord is going to work either. The benefits to me are not very big if I press along and try to get a response, enduring further delays and frustrations .I feel that I must find another reliable Solicitor ,who knows his stuff regarding this problem----or just jack it in and lose my right to purchase. I can't help but feel that there should not be these kind of problems, taking in to account the Leasehold Reform Act law. I thought that if I followed recommendations by Mr. J. Shaw ,and served a Notification of Claim, that it would be a smooth ride thereafter. WRONG.
  6. Thank you for your suggestion, but the solicitors have been involved for about 9 to 10 months and no progress. I am old and fed up of delays and feel that I have been denied my right to purchase the Freehold Reversion. At your suggestion in the Forum , it took me seven months to get them to serve a Notice of Claim (I think) . No response from the Landlord after 10 weeks and the solicitor suggests sending a letter each week to the Landlord "until he gets fed up and responds". Delays again. The original solicitor's schedule to complete the purchase was 2 to 3 months approx. I have " sacked " the solicitor----nicely. During the said 10 months ,I have been "fed" a series of fairy tales that would compete with Grimms and also endured elementary errors causing unnecessary delays. I have kind of lost faith in this solicitor and am unsure of my next actions.
  7. Want to purchase Freehold Reversion. Solicitor serves Notice of Claim, Landlord refuses to respond within the 2month response period or even later. What can be done ?
  8. You bet !! Pretty obvious thing to do. I haven't seen anyone else with the same problem,as Nationwide said. Is somebody kidding?
  9. Any Nationwide card holders out there? Today,again, for the second time, our Bank card has been rejected at three stores at Crystal Peak. There is money in the account and no reason for this to happen. How inconvenient and embarrassing this is. We have phoned Nationwide and complained about this ,because the same thing has happened before. We are told that there is a Network problem and everyone with their Debit Cards has suffered the same problem--------Thank You, that makes it much better when the shop assistant rejects your card in front of a queue of curious shoppers. How incompetent this is. Now we cannot use our card for an unspecified time and even then it's tongue in cheek. The manager of the Building society will probably be getting in touch with us to apologise and to offer a huge reimbursement-------BETS !! OK. Has anyone else had this problem.please ?
  10. Thanks . It looks as if a tank has hit it.
  11. Can anyone please inform me how the wall at the junction of Hollinsend Road and Ridgeway Road was demolished. There is also some damage to the surrounding areas.
  12. Because I wanted to check upon a few details before I fully decide to purchase. Also ,the last time I did that ,they hadn't performed their duty and reserved the item. I am aware of all your points ,but after over 40 years working as a Retail Manager and Area Manager for an international retailer,I allowed for staff directions from higher management etc. In no sense have I blamed the shop assistants in the shop. I blame the higher management for allowing customers to be OVER badgered and thus destroying the friendly circumstances to be destroyed ,like the shop across the way----Comet. ---------- Post added 21-07-2013 at 16:29 ---------- Sounds simple ,but try it !!! They do not leave off at the till
  13. Please note that Currys at Drakehouse have convinced me that their shop is one to avoid like the plague. I recently visited this retail outlet to purchase what I had already decided was a suitable item for my requirements. From the moment that I entered the shop ,I was badgered and pestered to buy several items of software that were of no use to me. They would not leave me alone and finally I had to resort to rudeness to rid myself of their arrogant, undertrained ,assistants. Even at the till , they persisted in pushing "Whatever Happens Care Plan " ,so called ,protection. Their arrogant pesistence has resulted in my making a vow to never enter their shop again, a potential loss of several thousand pounds worth of trade over the coming years, based on my recent record of purchases. Remember, young salesman, your over zealous efforts might have resulted in a £100 sale,and maybe a bit of bonus, but you have lost thousands pounds worth of trade. In future I will make my purchases from online sources where a "no " means "no". Thank you Currys for convincing me that I must never enter their store again. THANK YOU.
  14. Especially when you suck them!!!! Sorry,only joking !!.
  15. Looked in your black bin lately,and are you using plastic bags to put foodstuffs into your bin? Everything in plastic bags here, but still, with the fortnightly collection instead of a weekly collection,and the unusual hot weather we are overrun with maggots. I have used all sorts to get rid, but still they thrive. And now a potential Binmen Strike and no collection next week. No need to pay for maggots to go fishing. This just had to happen-----what next------cholera or whatever. The bins need emptying more frequently not less. Stands to reason. Self inflicted health hazard.
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